The Ezekiel Elliott six-game suspension

According to My Top Sportsbooks, the Dallas Cowboys are going to have to step up their game this season while their brightest star player is suspended. If the suspension stands, second year running back Ezekiel Elliott will miss the first six games of the season. This is a long suspension, especially considering the police thoroughly investigated and found no credible evidence substantiating it. Supposedly Elliot put his hands on an ex-girlfriend with enough force to leave bruises.

The NFL investigated things themselves. Unlike the police, the NFL concluded Ezekiel Elliott committed a crime. The crime? Violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

How is it the NFL is better than the police at determining if a crime took place? Since when is it the NFL’s business to investigate crimes?

If the six-game suspension stands, it means the Dallas Cowboys will be without the Ezekiel Elliott for the following games:

  • New York Giants
  • @Denver Broncos
  • @Arizona Cardinals
  • Los Angeles Rams
  • Green Bay Packers
  • @San Francisco 49ers

That’s three home games, three road games, and a bye week between the fifth and sixth game. These six teams had a combined record of 43-52 last season, with the Rams and the 49ers contributing heavily to the loosing side of things.

You know who’s the happiest about Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension? The Giants, Broncos, Cardinals, Rams, Packers, and 49ers. They now get to play the Cowboys without their best running back on the field.

Roger Goodell is judge and executioner

This is one of the many problems with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell being judge and executioner for players and the misdeeds they may or may not have committed. Goodell works for the 32 team owners in the NFL. Goodell doesn’t work for the players, nor does he work for the fans. Goodell is biased. This six-game suspension made one owner angry, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, but it probably pleased the 31 other owners.

For their sake, I hope none of their star players have ex-girlfriends with photos of bruises. It doesn’t mater if a crime took place. If a woman has bruises, it must be because of her ex-boyfriend, especially when that ex-boyfriend averages 5.1 yards per rushing attempt and averages over 100 yards per game.

NFL player calls for the death of George Zimmerman jurors

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White took to the Twitter last night to officially register his displeasure with the outcome of the George Zimmerman murder trial. The jury came to their verdict late last night, acquitting Zimmerman of all charges involving the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. It turns out, White wasn’t a fan of the outcome.

Here is his first Twitter tweet:

Fucking Zimmerman got away with murder today wow what kind of world do we live in

— Roddy White (@roddywhiteTV) July 14, 2013

A world where overpaid athletes use profanity and practice improper grammar? He goes on with the following:

All them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid

— Roddy White (@roddywhiteTV) July 14, 2013

And so it begins. I doubt Roddy White was the first to call for the death of the Zimmerman jurors, and something tells me he won’t be the last. This is why I would have found Zimmerman guilty, not because I thought the prosecution made its case, it didn’t, but because I wouldn’t want to be involved with any of the post-trial drama, including professional athletes calling for my death.

I’m not sure if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will have something to say about Roddy White’s Twitter tweet. The NFL may have rules against players advocating the death of six women not smart enough to get out of jury duty.

NFL punishes Saints coaches, GM for bounty program

NFL punishes Saints coaches, GM for bounty program - Bent Corner
The NFL has doled out the punishments pertaining to the bounty program the New Orleans Saints had in place that rewarded players for injuring opposing players. Former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, now with the St. Louis Rams, has been suspended without pay indefinitely. New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton was suspended for a year. The suspension will cost Payton $7.5 million in lost salary. Saints general manager Mickey Loomis was given an eight-game suspension, while assistant head coach Joe Vitt was given a six-game suspension.

The Saints organization was also fined $500,00 and will lose their 2012 and 2013 second-round draft picks.

It’s unclear who will be running things for the Saints while these suspensions are being served. They would be in a better situation if they just fired Loomis and Payton and hired a new general manager and head coach. I imagine they would still be on the hook for their salaries, but that’s what lawyers are for. Considering the damage these men have done to the Saints, it could be easily argued that early termination for more than justified.

By administering such severe punishments, it’s clear NFL commissioner Roger Goodell isn’t fooling around here. Now he needs to look at a few other organizations who have had similar bounty systems in place, for instance, the Baltimore Ravens. Goodell is smoking crack if he thinks paying players to hurt opposing players is solely a New Orleans thing.

It’s not.