Rich Johnston publishes hit piece on Ethan Van Sciver

Chief writer and founder of Bleeding Cool Rich Johnston published a poorly researched negative article on master comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver entitled The Return of Ethan Van Sciver’s Mean Streak.

Modern-day Nazi hunter and comic book shop employee Darryl Ayo (Photo: Twitter).

The article relies heavily on the unchallenged and unsubstantiated words of Darryl Ayo, a New York City-based cartoonist, and comic book shop employee.

Darryl Ayo has been calling Ethan Van Sciver a Nazi on Twitter since last year.

One would not know this fact from reading Johnston’s article because that fact was never mentioned.

This is what was published in the article:

You can’t claim to not have a history with someone when you wrote last year about that same someone supposedly having “Nazi leanings.” A seven-second Twitter search would have dug this fact up. If Bleeding Cool had a competent research department or even an intern with a borrowed laptop, a mistake like this could have been avoided.

I don’t even blame Rich Johnston for this. Even though I think based on my own personal interactions with him that he’s a lying, unethical coward, the man deserves a competent editor whose job it is to save him from himself. That duty falls upon the rounded shoulders of Mark Seifert, managing editor of Bleeding Cool.

Bleeding Cool managing editor Mark Seifert (Photo: Avatar Press).

When you read something not true on Bleeding Cool, blame Mark Seifert, not the hack who wrote it.

I don’t even blame Darryl Ayo for his obvious falsehood. The man tweets about Nazis so much, he may have honestly forgotten he claimed Ethan Van Sciver had Nazi leanings back in September of last year. It’s now February. How is someone like Darryl Ayo supposed to remember who he called a Nazi way back in September?

Finally, why does there seem to be a pattern of calling people with German-sounding surnames Nazis? Speaking as someone with a German surname, I find it annoying. I can’t help but wonder if Darryl Ayo would claim Ethan Van Sciver had Nazi leanings if Ethan’s last name was Lieberman.

I don’t think so. Calling the guy with a German-sounding last name a Nazi is low hanging fruit.


Rich Johnston is not in charge at Bleeding Cool

Bleeding Cool, the pinnacle of online clickbait comic book journalism, has been receiving some well-deserved flack lately. Joe Glass, a Bleeding Cool staff writer tried to use fraud to take down a YouTube channel because he didn’t agree with what the YouTuber was saying about Marvel Comics. Joe Glass the journalist tried to de-platform someone because they voiced their opinions.

When exactly in journalism school do they teach that?

Free speech

Remember when the comic book community valued free speech? Joe Glass wrote a Bleeding Cool article this past August that claimed one of the problems in comic fandom today is that free speech law has not caught up with modern technology. Put that on a Comic Book Legal Defense Fund flier.

When people blame Rich Johnston for the shady, unethical behavior at Bleeding Cool, they’re making a mistake.

People assume Rich Johnston is in charge at Bleeding Cool. They assume Joe Glass and the other journalists employed by Bleeding Cool work for him.

Rich Johnston does not own Bleeding Cool

The facts do not support the notion that Rich Johnston is in charge of anything at Bleeding Cool. Rich Johnston doesn’t own Bleeding Cool. According to Bleeding Cool’s About page, Bleeding Cool is owned by Avatar Press.

A WHOIS search of the domain shows the domain is owned by Avatar Press. Rich Johnston’s name appears nowhere on the WHOIS record.

Mark Seifert runs Bleeding Cool

According to the Bleeding Cool About page, Mark Seifert manages the website, not Rich Johnston. Also, according to Mark Seifert’s Twitter, he’s the managing editor of Bleeding Cool.

According to Rich Johnston’s Twitter, he’s “head writer” at Bleeding Cool. His byline at Bleeding Cool says he’s “chief writer” and founder of Bleeding Cool. It seems like he can’t even get his own honorary title right.

The fact that Bleeding Cool hired Jude Terror, formally from The Outhousers, should demonstrate just how much power Rich Johnston wields at Bleeding Cool. Rich wrote this about the hiring:

I wasn’t consulted on this, obviously. Frankly, I wish he wasn’t now part of Bleeding Cool. I advised against it, but it seems my counsel was ignored.

Say what you want about Rich Johnston, he’s clearly not in charge of anything over at Bleeding Cool.

If you have a problem with anything going on at Bleeding Cool or anything someone on the staff is doing, and you’re complaining to Rich Johnston, you’re doing it wrong. Take your complaint to Mark Seifert or to Avatar Press. They’re the ones calling the shots at Bleeding Cool, not Rich Johnston.

Bleeding Cool declares Northrop Grumman is an ‘arms manufacturer’

The former gray lady of comic book journalism, Bleeding Cool, published an article about a joint venture between Marvel Comics and Northrop Grumman. Bleeding Cool described Northrop Grumman as an arms manufacturer and a maker of weapons.

From the article:

Northrop Grumman is an aerospace company

Not once did the word “aerospace” appear in the article. That’s funny, because that’s what Northrop Grumman is, an aerospace company. They make airplanes.

Here’s a list of some of the aircraft produced by Northrop Grumman:

  • A-10 Thunderbolt II
  • B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber
  • F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet
  • F-35 Lightning II

The way the article reads, you’d think Northrop Grumman uses child slave labor to manufacturer AK-47s.

Also from the article:

The article was written by Jude Terror, one of Rich Johnston’s bosses over at Bleeding Cool.

Bleeding Cool use to be a good website

Bleeding Cool was a lot better when Rich Johnston was in charge. The Diversity & Comics YouTube channel gets labeled as a troll campaign and Northrop Grumman is now described as an arms manufacturer. 

If it wasn’t for the riveting NFL coverage, Bleeding Cool wouldn’t be worth going to.


Marvel Comics announced they are ending their partnership with Northrop Grumman, so there’s nothing to get upset about. Excelsior!