Dennis Barger on Walmart adding graphic novel section

I’m no fan of Walmart. I’m also not a fan of someone who speaks about ‘dropping trousers’ and ‘greasing holes’

Walmart is planning on adding a dedicated graphic novel section to 50 stores. I’ve seen some graphic novels in the book section at Walmart, but never more than a few titles. This would be different. It would be its own section. If it proves to be a success, the plan is to add the graphic novel section to more stores.

Not everyone is a fan of this idea. Rich Johnson of Bleeding Cool reached out to Dennis Barger of Wonderworld and Quick Stop Comics to find out his take.

From Bleeding Cool:

you make a deal with Walmart, it’s walmarts deal. It’s walmarts terms. (Walk in with your trousers down and every hole properly greased.)

Every hole properly greased? Who talks like that? Dennis Barger, that’s who.

There’s a reason people don’t like going to comic book shops. Too many of them are owned and operated by people like Dennis Barger. I don’t care how opposed you are to something, you shouldn’t compare it to forced sodomy, also known as rape.

I’m no fan of Walmart. I’m also not a fan of someone who speaks about dropping trousers and greasing holes.

If Walmart’s graphic novel section turns out to be a raging success and causes local comic book shops to go out of business, blame people like Dennis Barger.

Photo by Jessica Strachan