Once, twice, three times a Trump government shutdown

If you awoke this morning feeling off-kilter, annoyed, or as though something was just off, it’s because of the federal government shutdown that went into effect early this morning. The reason for the shutdown is because President Trump declared he would not sign a spending bill into law unless it included $5.7 billion for a … Continue reading “Once, twice, three times a Trump government shutdown”

It wouldn’t be Trump’s military parade, it would be ours

From Bloomberg in an article titled, House Republicans Prepare to Endorse Trump’s Military Parade: House Republicans are preparing to endorse President Donald Trump’s plan for a military parade in the nation’s capital, with warfighting vehicles rolling down city streets and planes flying overhead. The display in Washington would be authorized under the Republican-proposed draft for the annual defense policy measure, … Continue reading “It wouldn’t be Trump’s military parade, it would be ours”

Jimmy Kimmel vs Sean Hannity

Evidently, late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel has been going at it with conservative talk show host Sean Hannity over Melania Trump’s accent. Being that I dislike all three people, Jimmy Kimmel, Sean Hannity, and Melania Trump, I feel I’m in the perfect place to comment on this controversy. Shame on Jimmy Kimmel for making fun … Continue reading “Jimmy Kimmel vs Sean Hannity”

They shut down the government shutdown

Democrats caved and the 2018 government shutdown is over. I’m impressed. The Democrats stood up and shook a first in the air for a full three days. That’s impressive for Democrats. There’s a reason I changed my party affiliation from Democrat to Unaffiliated. The way the Democrats fumbled this shutdown is one of those reasons. … Continue reading “They shut down the government shutdown”

Red alert! We have a government shutdown!

The U.S. Senate could not come to one of its 60-40 agreements late last night so that means our government has shut it down. The House passed a four-week spending bill. The Senate could not/would not do something similar. The Democrats wanted something in the spending bill, any spending bill, that would protect Dreamers, the … Continue reading “Red alert! We have a government shutdown!”