Jimmy Kimmel vs Sean Hannity

Donald J. Trump had a sexual relationship with a porn actress while he was married to Melania Trump. Does she leave him and file for divorce? Nope.

Evidently, late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel has been going at it with conservative talk show host Sean Hannity over Melania Trump’s accent. Being that I dislike all three people, Jimmy Kimmel, Sean Hannity, and Melania Trump, I feel I’m in the perfect place to comment on this controversy.

Jimmy Kimmel

Shame on Jimmy Kimmel for making fun of someone’s accent. That’s low hanging fruit when it comes to material for making fun of someone. She has a weird accent because she’s from another country. She not only speaks English, she speaks the language of her native country, Slovenia. How many languages do you speak Jimmy Kimmel? I’m guessing only one unless you count crying as a language.

It’s not like Jimmy Kimmel comes up with his own funny barbs to throw against his adversaries. He has a whole staff of writers who are tasked with making up funny things for Jimmy Kimmel to say.

Sean Hannity

Shame on Sean Hannity too. He’s made an entire career delivering propaganda for the Republican party. One of the reasons I could never be a Republican is because of Sean Hannity. He’s an uneducated blowhard. He’s not a commentator, he’s a propagandist. He says things that he knows are factually incorrect, but he says them because he wants to help the GOP. I’d have more respect for him if he actually worked for the GOP. Instead, he works for Fox News, fair and balanced.

Melania Trump

And finally, shame on Melania Trump. She chose to marry Donald J. Trump and even have a child with him. I’m guessing she was hoping for a girl but instead had a boy. Donald Trump’s daughters turn out better than his sons.

It’s a proven scientific fact.

It’s pretty clear at this point that Donald J. Trump had a sexual relationship with a porn actress while he was married to Melania Trump. A porn actress. That’s like having a sexual relationship with a urinal at Yankees Stadium.

Donald J. Trump’s porn actress girlfriend Stormy Daniels.

Does Melania Trump leave Donald J. Trump and file for divorce? Nope. Instead, she continues to be his wife, whatever that means.

I have no respect for that. Melania Trump has the means and the reason to divorce him, yet she stays married to Donald J. Trump. I don’t get that. All she’s doing at this point is sending a message, the wrong message, to women in a similar situation. If you stay with a man who commits adultery against you and your marriage, you are doing something wrong.

Ethan Van Sciver is taking a break from Twitter and that’s okay

Master comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver has decided to take a break from Twitter. He’s removed his account from the popular social networking site and will no longer be engaging with his fans and detractors on Twitter. Instead, he’ll be concentrating on YouTube.

Good for him.

Ethan Van Sciver doesn’t need Twitter. Although there are good things about Twitter, there’s no getting around the fact that it’s currently the social networking platform of the lowest common denominator.

If you have a pulse and something stupid or inflammatory to say, Twitter is for you. Have something to say that lacks nuance or a shred of evidence? Twitter is for you. Do you want to call someone a transphobic Nazi without providing any context or proof? Again, Twitter is for you.

Ethan Van Sciver had been coming under fire from the social justice warrior crowd on Twitter as of late. I think it is because of Jordan B. Peterson’s new best selling book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.

Ethan Van Sciver did illustrations for the book.

Social justice warriors don’t like Jordan B. Peterson. Perhaps that’s putting it lightly. Peterson is an outspoken critic of political correctness, identity politics, and a few other things championed by today’s social justice warriors.

And then there’s the fact that Ethan Van Sciver is a proud Republican. Speaking as someone who is not a Republican, so what? About 40 percent of my fellow Americans are Republicans. Although there are issues I disagree with Republicans on, I don’t hate them for it.

Now that Ethan Van Sciver will no longer be on Twitter, it gives him more time to concentrate on what he excels at: his art and his YouTube channel.

Many of his videos involve him showing non-artists how to draw things. They are both informative and… relaxing. Imagine if the late great Bob Ross showed you how to draw the Joker.

Ethan Van Sciver’s other videos are interview videos. They too are quite good. He’s actually better at conducting interviews than people who do it for a living. His interview with the controversial Vox Day stands out. I’ve heard many people try to interview the caustic Vox Day and they all went badly. The interviews were hard to listen to. Ethan’s interview of Vox Day will stand as an example for other interviewers wanting to interview Vox Day in the future.


They shut down the government shutdown

Democrats caved and the 2018 government shutdown is over. I’m impressed. The Democrats stood up and shook a first in the air for a full three days.

That’s impressive for Democrats. There’s a reason I changed my party affiliation from Democrat to Unaffiliated. The way the Democrats fumbled this shutdown is one of those reasons.

It’s clear at this point Republicans aren’t going to do anything to protect the people previously protected by Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). These are people who were brought to this country as small children and now face deportation back to countries many of them don’t remember. These are people who did nothing wrong. What should we do, punish someone for something that happened when they were a small child?

I guess so.

We have a failed immigration system. We’ve had one for years now. We chose not to fully enforce the immigration laws we had and we allowed millions of people to come here illegally. DACA was something, in my opinion, that helped fixed problems we allowed to happen.

If you ignore the law and allow people to come here illegally, some of them are going to bring their families. Some in those families are going to be young and truly blameless in the actions of their parents.

If anyone should be punished, punish the parents, not the children.

I expect the Republicans will fix DACA by the simple removal of the first two words, deferred action. The program goes away for good in March. I expect some young people who’ve lived in the United States most of their lives will be deported back to countries many of them don’t remember.

Some, not all.

That’s the way the law enforcement works in this county. Sometimes the law is applied, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes people who are here illegally are deported, sometimes they’re not.

My hope was that the Democrats would force Republicans to fix the problems they both allowed to happen. Not that DACA was perfect. It should have included a pathway to citizenship. I don’t want anyone immigrating to the United States unless their goal is to become a citizen.

Red alert! We have a government shutdown!

The U.S. Senate could not come to one of its 60-40 agreements late last night so that means our government has shut it down. The House passed a four-week spending bill. The Senate could not/would not do something similar. The Democrats wanted something in the spending bill, any spending bill, that would protect Dreamers, the people brought to this country illegally as children and who under the Obama Administration were protected by DACA.

People are now looking at who to blame, Democrats or Republicans. I blame the Republicans. They control the White House. They control both houses of Congress. I think this is the first government shutdown in my life where one political party controlled both houses of Congress and the White House and yet the government was shut down.

Congratulations Republicans.

The onus is on Republicans to get an agreement worked out. Like it says in the Bible or the pages of Spider-Man, with great power, there must also come great responsibility.

Red alert! We have a government shutdown! - Bent Corner

I agree with the Democrats that the Dreamers need to be protected. These people did nothing wrong. Their parents or the people who brought them here illegally did something wrong, but they didn’t. Something needs to be worked out that will stop Dreamers from being sent back to countries many of them don’t even remember ever living in.

DACA needs to be fixed. It’s not a Democratic issue, it’s not a Republican issue, it’s an American issue. DACA need to be extended and the people protected need a pathway to citizenship.

These government shutdowns are always a joke. The mail still gets delivered. Social Security checks still go out. The military still gets paid.

National Parks are usually closed, but who really cares about that? These shutdowns are always telegraphed well ahead of time. When it’s about to happen, how about you keep your family out of Yosemite? Chances are everyone would have come down with Lyme disease or someone would have been eaten by a bear. That’s the kind of stuff that happens all the time at National Parks.

Government workers are furloughed, but when the shut down ends, they get paid retroactively for work they did not do. They still will get paid.

Money for nothin’ and chicks for free. I think that’s from the Bible too. Or Spider-Man.

Ethan Van Sciver, Twitter threats, and social justice warriors

Before comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver traveled down to Florida and appeared at an event hosted by Gotham City Pizza, he was sent a threat on Twitter:

Ethan Van Sciver rightfully took the above private message as a threat.

The account in which the threat originated from no longer exists. I don’t know if it was deleted by the user or by Twitter.

Ethan Van Sciver, threat or no threat, went down to Florida like a boss and appeared at Gotham City Pizza. A good time was had by all. The appearance was a success. Then, more than 24 hours after the event, someone smashed the front door of Gotham City Pizza. Ethan blamed the vandalism on the SJWs, the social justice warriors, who he believed threatened him.

I don’t agree with Ethan, but I can certainly see where he was coming from when he made the claim. There’s no doubt he was threatened, but I don’t see how the person making the threat was an SJW.

Someone broke the front door of another restaurant the week before and robbed it. That restaurant is only two miles from Gotham City Pizza.

The photo on the left is Smoke Shack BBQ. It was broken into on the night of October 28. The photo on the right is Gotham City Pizza. The door was broken on the night of November 5, the day after Ethan Van Sciver’s appearance. The two eateries are only two miles apart.

I think the more likely reason for the damage to Gotham City Pizza’s door was someone tried to rob it. It was probably the same thief who robbed Smoke Shack BBQ the week before. Smoke Shack BBQ is located only two miles from Gotham City Pizza.

Whoever broke the door, I don’t think it was an SJW

Social justice warriors don’t go around and damage property after someone they don’t like appears at an event. That’s not their typical modus operandi. What they like to do is de-platform people before an event takes place. They typically never contact the person they don’t like, instead, they contact the event organizer and try to persuade them not to host the person.

Did anyone contact Gotham City Pizza before Ethan’s appearance and ask them not to host the event? If not, I doubt it was an SJW.

Typically, if the SJW cannot persuade the event organizer to do what they want, they quickly go above the organizer. For example, in this case, they would have contacted Gotham City Pizza’s landlord.

The landlord would have been told all sorts of lies. They would have been told Gotham City Pizza was planning an alt-right, white supremacy event featuring Ethan Van Sciver, a famous pro-nazi artist.

They would have tried to convince the landlord that all of Ethan’s alt-right, white supremacist fans would be traveling to Gotham City Pizza, creating a danger to the non-white, non-binary folks of Ormond Beach, Florida.

That’s the kind of crap social justice warriors pull. They don’t commit acts of violence after an event.

For the record, Ethan Van Sciver is not an alt-right Nazi. He’s a nice, decent man who draws comic books really, really well. He’s also a Republican. Big deal. So is half the country I love.

I’m neither a Republican or a Democrat. I’m an American.

I don’t see the point in demonizing anyone because they’re a member of a major political party. It’s not like people have much of a choice of political parties. We only have two.

Was Gotham City Pizza targeted by comic book SJWs?

On Saturday, comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver appeared at Gotham City Pizza in Ormond Beach, Florida. By all accounts, a good time was had by all. People ate pizza and Ethan signed autographs. Ethan even drew and inked a spectacular looking Batman on a formally blank wall.

Then on Monday, Marco Falleta, the owner and general manager of Gotham City Pizza, discovered that someone damaged the front door. It looks like someone kicked the front door.

From Facebook:

Marco described it as an attempted break-in. That was yesterday morning. Since then, the vandalism has been blamed on Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) angry that Gotham City Pizza hosted Ethan Van Sciver on Saturday.

To be clear, Marco isn’t blaming it on SJWs. He doesn’t know who did it or why they did it.

That’s not to say at least some SJWs have a problem with Ethan Van Sciver. Some evidently don’t like him because he’s a Republican. He also received online threats before the event.

Seriously, we live in a world where people threaten other people because they’re a member of one of the two major political parties in this country.

If you’re going to hate Republicans, prepare to hate nearly half the country. Personally, that seems like too much work.

Do I think an SJW traveled down to Ormond Beach and kicked the door of a pizzeria because they hosted Ethan Van Sciver at an event? No, not unless I’m presented with some evidence.

When I hear hoof beats, I think horses, not zebras.

The more likely explanation is that some drunk walking home kicked the door and then drunkenly staggered away. Hopefully, he broke a couple bones in his alcoholic foot.

Someone trying to break in would have arrived with a crowbar and used it to open the door. I don’t think they would have tried to kick the door in.

To blame an SJW for the damage seems like a stretch. Kicking in doors isn’t something SJWs are normally associated with. They tend to send online threats that are never carried out. If they’re feeling overly energetic, they’ll contact someone’s employer in the attempt to get them fired.

Kicking doors? That’s not in the SJW playbook.

I hate to see people immediately jump to the conclusion that an SJW did this. What’s wrong with waiting for the facts before leaping to a conclusion? Jumping to unfounded conclusions is something SJWs like to do. They’re very quick to proclaim something or someone as sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or Islamophobic without a shred of evidence.

I’m assuming Marco Falleta contacted the police. Let the police investigate before jumping to conclusions. Don’t react to things like a Social Justice Warrior. Base your conclusions on facts, not wild speculation.