It wouldn’t be Trump’s military parade, it would be ours

From Bloomberg in an article titled, House Republicans Prepare to Endorse Trump’s Military Parade: House Republicans are preparing to endorse President Donald Trump’s plan for a military parade in the nation’s capital, with warfighting vehicles rolling down city streets and planes flying overhead. The display in Washington would be authorized under the Republican-proposed draft for the annual defense policy measure, … Continue Reading “It wouldn’t be Trump’s military parade, it would be ours”

Jimmy Kimmel vs Sean Hannity

Evidently, late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel has been going at it with conservative talk show host Sean Hannity over Melania Trump’s accent. Being that I dislike all three people, Jimmy Kimmel, Sean Hannity, and Melania Trump, I feel I’m in the perfect place to comment on this controversy. Shame on Jimmy Kimmel for making fun … Continue Reading “Jimmy Kimmel vs Sean Hannity”

They shut down the government shutdown

Democrats caved and the 2018 government shutdown is over. I’m impressed. The Democrats stood up and shook a first in the air for a full three days. That’s impressive for Democrats. There’s a reason I changed my party affiliation from Democrat to Unaffiliated. The way the Democrats fumbled this shutdown is one of those reasons. … Continue Reading “They shut down the government shutdown”

Red alert! We have a government shutdown!

The U.S. Senate could not come to one of its 60-40 agreements late last night so that means our government has shut it down. The House passed a four-week spending bill. The Senate could not/would not do something similar. The Democrats wanted something in the spending bill, any spending bill, that would protect Dreamers, the … Continue Reading “Red alert! We have a government shutdown!”

The only true ‘nuclear option’ involves a nuclear weapon

From CNN: The announcement sets Republicans up to change Senate rules — referred to as the “nuclear option” — to lowering the threshold of advancing Supreme Court nominees to just 51 votes from 60. This annoys me. Changing the number equaling a majority in the U.S. Senate from 60 to 51 is not a nuclear … Continue Reading “The only true ‘nuclear option’ involves a nuclear weapon”