Scott Kratz is still alive and he’s extremely racist

I have to admit I totally forgot about Scott Kurtz. He’s the webcomic artist behind the PvP series. Someone I follow on Twitter posted something Scott Kurtz tweeted on November 9. It would seem Scott Kurtz is alive, woke, and telling it like it is.

It was not only extremely hateful, it was remarkably racist.

I responded to the above tweet with a tweet. I wrote, “If this were true, what should white people do, commit mass suicide for the benefit of humanity?”

Kurtz responded like the coward that he is by blocking me. I’m fine with that. Unlike Dan Slott who I’ve never interacted with on Twitter, at least Scott Kurtz blocked me for something relating to Twitter. I asked a question based on something incredibly stupid he said that he had no legitimate answer to.

It’s racists like Scott Kurtz that I have the hardest time understanding. They don’t hate people of another race, they hate their own race. Scott Kurtz is white. If you factor someone’s skin color by the square foot, Scott Kurtz is more of a white person than almost anyone.

If white people are as terrible as he says, should we then for the sake of our fellow human beings just remove ourselves from the gene pool? What would Scott Kurtz have white people do, commit mass suicide?

I imagine if we did kill ourselves, reprint sales of PvP would drop to zero. PvP doesn’t strike me as a comic that enjoys a diverse readership if you know what I mean. It makes absolutely no sense for Kurtz to attack his own readership for something they have no power over. People have no control over the color of their skin. If someone were morbidly obese, they could eat less and try to exercise. If someone has white skin, there’s nothing they can do about that.

YouTube star Pewdiepie uses n-word on live stream

The YouTube megastar Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as Pewdiepie, is in the news again. Once again, it’s for something negative. While playing Battlegrounds, he referred to another player as the n-word. He then almost immediately realized what he said, apologized, giggled, and then called the guy an asshole. Like any of that would un-ring the n-word bell. Here’s a link to a clip of from the stream.

What’s Pewdiepie’s problem? He obviously doesn’t care about his millions of fans. Because he can’t help himself from casually using the n-word in a live stream, the apex predator of all racial slurs, he put his fans in the unenvious position of either denouncing him or defending him. The worst part about the way he used the n-word was that it seemed like it’s something he says all the time.

I dislike Pewdiepie

I’m not a fan of Pewdiepie, but I do subscribe to his YouTube channel. With over 57 million subscribers, I feel like I need to subscribe to his channel just to keep up with what’s going on. I just don’t get it. I don’t see what the draw is to Pewdiepie is. I’m not in his intended demographic, so it doesn’t really matter if I like his content or not. Not only do I not like his content, I don’t like him.

Supposedly most of his fan base is composed of children. Considering that, it makes his antisemitic or racist comments even worse. And to think YouTube creators make money on YouTube from advertisements. They must not if one of YouTube’s biggest stars drops the n-word like it’s just another word. Who would want to advertise on Pewdiepie’s channel considering some of the stuff he’s done lately?

Pewdiepie strikes me as an obnoxious, petulant child. The latest video clip does nothing to make me change my mind.


Pewdiepie has responded to the latest controversy and apologized.

Arthur Chu keeping it classy

Former Jeopardy champion Arthur Chu isn’t too happy about Donald Trump becoming president. Here is something he tweeted in response to the Trump win:

When I first saw a screenshot of this tweet on Reddit, I assumed it had to be fake. I went to Twitter and did a search for it. I couldn’t find it. I then logged out of Twitter and repeated the search. I found it right away.

This meant Arthur Chu has me blocked on Twitter. When I logged back in, this is what it showed:
Arthur Chu is the gentleman on the left. The fellow on the right is Jeopardy host Alex Trebek.

I find it ridiculous and extremely unnecessary that Arthur Chu has me blocked on Twitter. I’ve had zero interactions with him on Twitter or anywhere else. I am not a troll. I use my own name on Twitter, a platform I’ve used since 2007.

Arthur Chu is a pathetic, racist little man. If I was the type of person who allowed myself to become offended (I’m not), getting blocked on Twitter by someone as important as Arthur Chu would offend me.