Adam Carolla fires executive producer, high-school buddy Donny Misraje

Podcaster Adam Carolla, former co-host of Loveline and The Man Show, announced on his January 3, 2011 2012 podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, that he fired his executive producer Donny Misraje.

Carolla and Misraje had been best friends since high school. Awkward!

This is why you should never hire a friend or a family member. You should never hire someone you cannot fire.

It was Misraje that convinced Carolla to start podcasting after he lost his radio show. Carolla is now the top podcaster on the entire world wide Internet web.

I can’t imagine firing your best friend from high school. Then again, I can’t imagine even having a best friend from high school. Carolla and I are the same age. The idea that I would still have a best friend from my high school days seems nutty to me. Like most people, I’m a lot different now then I was back in high school. The idea that I would have a close relationship with someone I was friends with when I was 15-years-old seems more than a little… strange.

Though I’m Facebook friends with many of my high school friends, I can’t imagine being “best” friends with any of them, whatever that means.