Scott Kratz is still alive and he’s extremely racist

I have to admit I totally forgot about Scott Kurtz. He’s the webcomic artist behind the PvP series. Someone I follow on Twitter posted something Scott Kurtz tweeted on November 9. It would seem Scott Kurtz is alive, woke, and telling it like it is.

It was not only extremely hateful, it was remarkably racist.

I responded to the above tweet with a tweet. I wrote, “If this were true, what should white people do, commit mass suicide for the benefit of humanity?”

Kurtz responded like the coward that he is by blocking me. I’m fine with that. Unlike Dan Slott who I’ve never interacted with on Twitter, at least Scott Kurtz blocked me for something relating to Twitter. I asked a question based on something incredibly stupid he said that he had no legitimate answer to.

It’s racists like Scott Kurtz that I have the hardest time understanding. They don’t hate people of another race, they hate their own race. Scott Kurtz is white. If you factor someone’s skin color by the square foot, Scott Kurtz is more of a white person than almost anyone.

If white people are as terrible as he says, should we then for the sake of our fellow human beings just remove ourselves from the gene pool? What would Scott Kurtz have white people do, commit mass suicide?

I imagine if we did kill ourselves, reprint sales of PvP would drop to zero. PvP doesn’t strike me as a comic that enjoys a diverse readership if you know what I mean. It makes absolutely no sense for Kurtz to attack his own readership for something they have no power over. People have no control over the color of their skin. If someone were morbidly obese, they could eat less and try to exercise. If someone has white skin, there’s nothing they can do about that.