Why Adam Carolla fired Alison Rosen

Adam Carolla, host of iTune’s 33rd most popular audio podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, spent some time on a recent podcast episode explaining why he fired former “news girl” Alison Rosen. The episode was posted on January 12, 2015 and is entitled ACS: Anthony Cumia. Here are the reasons Adam Carolla gave for firing Alison … Continue reading “Why Adam Carolla fired Alison Rosen”

Adam Carolla fires Alison Rosen

Podcaster Adam Carolla decided to part ways with long-time “news girl” Alison Rosen from his podcast, The Adam Carolla Show. He did the termination in a very typical Adam Carolla way, he did it in an email. Considering that Carolla is functionally illiterate, he most likely had to have someone else write the email. I … Continue reading “Adam Carolla fires Alison Rosen”