Seattle is getting an NHL team for the 2021-22 season

Seattle, the city famous for its burnt coffee, rain, and the home of Frasier and Niles Crane, is getting a National Hockey League team. Unlike cities that steal teams from Canada, Seattle is getting an expansion team. This from Gary Bettman, the longtime commissioner of the NHL:

Today is an exciting and historic day for our league as we expand to one of North America’s most innovative, beautiful and fastest-growing cities. And we are thrilled that Seattle, a city with a proud hockey history that includes being the home for the first American team ever to win the Stanley Cup, is finally joining the NHL.

If Seattle is so great, why did the NBA leave it for Oklahoma City?

Seattle is getting an NHL team for the 2021-22 season - Bent Corner
The Settle SuperSonics (Photo: NBC Sports)

What I find funny about this announcement is if Seattle is such a great place for a professional sports team to be, why did the NBA want to leave? The SuperSonics wanted out of Seattle so badly, they paid the city $45 million to move to Oklahoma City before the 2008-09 NBA season. Who would rather live in Oklahoma than Washington? The franchise then renamed itself after an AC/DC song. They not only wanted out of Seattle, but they also wanted to distance themselves from their own name.

The NBA can be really stupid sometimes

I think the NBA and team owners were stupid to leave Seattle. They should have stayed in Seattle. They should have retained the team’s name. The SuperSonics had a history.

Seattle is a great sports city. The NFL’s Seahawks seem to always sell out and they’re the only team in the league that considers their fans the 12th man. The soccer team, the Seattle Sounders FC, has a great fan base, one of the best in MLS.

Seattle is getting an NHL team for the 2021-22 season - Bent Corner
Ken Griffey Jr. (Photo: SB Nation)

I don’t know about the Seattle Mariners. Like most normal people, I haven’t watched a Mariners game since Ken Griffey Jr. left the team. I don’t even know if the Mariners are shown on MLB.TV. They may be blacked out for everyone’s best interest. Then again, they show Baltimore Orioles games. If they don’t blackout Orioles games, they won’t black out any bad team.

I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with Gary Bettman: a team in Seattle is good for the NHL. It will help promote the league in Asia. It will also help teams and their fans on the West Coast. They’ll have one more team in their own time zone to play. It means easier travel for teams on the West Coast as they’ll have one more team in their own backyard relatively speaking. It also means their fans won’t have to stay up late to watch their team play.

The Columbus Blue Jackets’ alternate jersey is awesome

The Columbus Blue Jackets are using an alternate jersey for the 2018-19 season that is far superior to their regular jersey. They’re not alone. Most alternate jerseys are better than the standard jerseys in the National Hockey League.

I’m not even a Blue Jackets fan, but I’d love to own one of these. I think if I won the lottery, I would get a bunch of authentic NHL jerseys with my name stitched on the back. My chances at winning the lottery are not very good since I don’t buy lottery tickets. I think I read somewhere to win the lottery, you have to buy a lottery ticket.

Me, the day after winning the lottery.

Devils wear throwback uniforms in loss to Capitals

The Devils may have lost to the Capitals 5-2 Thursday night, but they looked like winners on the ice with their spiffy red, white, and green throwback uniforms. The uniforms were part of a retro tribute night in honor of their original owner, Dr. John J. McMullen.

Devils wear throwback uniforms in loss to Capitals - Bent Corner
The official logo of the American Hockey League Utica Devils.

The Devils wore the red, white and green uniforms from when they entered the NHL in 1982 until the 1991-92 season. When I was in the Air Force and stationed at Griffiss Air Force Base in upstate New York, the Devils’ AHL team was in nearby Utica. I went to a lot of Utica Devils games and was a huge fan of the old uniforms. They reminded me of Christmas, only without any sadness or crippling depression.

Perhaps I’m biased, but I think retro uniforms almost always look better than a team’s current uniforms.

Have a Shop account? Watch for credit card fraud

Two nights ago someone logged into my Shop NHL account and purchased a $500 gift certificate using the credit card that was on file with my account. The gift card was being sent not to my email address, but to  I found out about this because Shop sent me an email at 11:45 PM last night informing me that they were processing my order.

I wasn’t even aware that my credit card was on file with Shop I’ve only made one purchase from the website, and it was a year ago.

It would seem Shop is breaking PCI regulations and retaining the credit card security code. I don’t see how the order could have been processed without the security code, commonly referred to as the CVV2 code. To verify this assumption, I went through the process of adding a second credit card to my Shop account, and it prompted me for the security code, as well as other information about the credit card.

Have a Shop account? Watch for credit card fraud - Bent Corner
Why is Shop requesting the security code to when a customer is adding a new card? They’re not allowed to store the security code.

Merchants are allowed to collect and store the credit card number as long as they use tokenization instead of the actual card number. They can store the first four digits and the last four digits, but they have to tokenize the remaining numbers. Credit card companies forbid merchants from having access to the full raw credit card number.

Merchants are allowed to collect and store the credit card expiration date.

What retailers are not allowed to do is collect and store the credit card’s security code. If they’re going to include the security code with the transaction, they’re required to have the card holder manually enter it each time. Otherwise, it defeats the intended purpose of the security code. This code only appears printed on the card. It’s not found in the magnetic strip or the chip. It’s only found printed on the card. Merchants can process a credit card without including the security code, they pay a higher rate when doing so. They also severely limit their chargeback protections when they fail to process e-commerce transactions without a CVV2.

I called Capitol One and reported the fraud. They immediately closed the card and told me they would FedEx me a new one. Their investigation will take anywhere from 30 to 90 days to complete. They returned the $500 to my available credit. Capital One is also sending paperwork for me to fill out. What a pain in the ass, all because Shop has lousy security.

At the very least, they should have done the following:

  • Require the customer to enter their billing street address and zip code on any purchase that involves digital goods. This information can be presented to the issuing bank along with the request for an authorization and checked to ensure it matches what is on file with the bank. Issuing banks will approve or decline transactions independent of the street address and the zip code matching their records or not, but if the approval message shows that the address or zip code did not match, the transaction can and should be voided by the merchant.
  • Don’t store the credit card security code. Make the cardholder enter it on every purchase. Take advantage of all available security tools provided to them by the credit card industry. E-commerce and other “card not present” transactions are risky enough, especially for digital goods, without utilizing basic security put in place by the credit card industry.
  • Compare the customer’s IP address to the IP address used for prior logins. Make sure the physical location corresponding to the IP address is not significantly different than the billing address on file with the credit card company.
  • Don’t send digital gift cards to an email address other than the one on file for the customer. If I want to bestow a digital gift card to someone else, I’ll send them the digital gift card myself.

These are just the things I was able to come up with off the top of my head.

Not only is Shop on the hook for this fraudulent purchase, but they’ll also be forced to pay for the fraud investigation.

Until Shop gets its act together, I recommend removing any credit card information from your account and changing your login password.