Tom Brady is Sammy Sosa

From Jay Glazer at Fox Sports:

The person of interest was already interviewed by the league. The NFL is trying to determine whether any wrongdoing by this individual occurred, sources tell FOX Sports.

There is surveillance video showing the attendant taking the footballs from the official’s locker room into another room at Gillette Stadium before bringing them out to the field, sources tell FOX Sports.

If Jay Glazer is saying it, it must be true. With that said, I’m not sure I understand the point of finding out who took the air out of the balls. The point is that Tom Brady, LeGarrette Blount, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, and the rest of the Patriots’ offensive players were using illegal footballs that gave them an unfair advantage in the AFC Championship game. It doesn’t really matter who tampered with the balls, the point is that they were tampered with and then the Patriots knowingly used them in the AFC Championship game.

There’s no way Brady and the rest of the Patriots didn’t know there was something different about the footballs. They were easier to throw, they were easier to catch, and they were easier to not fumble.

Sammy Sosa would have made a fine Patriot
Sammy Sosa would have made a fine Patriot

When Sammy Sosa was caught using a corked bat in 2003, did it matter who corked the bat? Not really. Sosa was the one penalized by Major League Baseball for using an illegal bat in a meaningless, yet technically an official MLB game. Sosa was the guilty party, not the person who drilled out the hat, inserted cork in it, and then plugged it back up so nobody could tell.

Does anyone honestly think Tom Brady was throwing a football with two pounds per square inch less than regulation and didn’t know it?

I find it interesting how badly the NFL is investigating this controversy. I think that’s by design. Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, is one of the most powerful owners in professional sports. Kraft is good friends with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. If the recent Ray Rice domestic violence incident taught us anything, it’s that the NFL is pretty incompetent at conducting an investigation, even when they want to get to the truth. I don’t think that’s the case here. I don’t think they want to find out the truth.

The last thing the NFL wants to do is suspend Tom Brady for cheating before a Super Bowl.

New England Patriots are cheaters who cheat

There’s a big controversy going on now in the world of the NFL. It turns out that when the New England Patriots defeated the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship game, they did so with illegal footballs.

NFL rules state that footballs must be inflated between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds of air per square inch (PSI). The NFL discovered after the game that 11 of the 12 balls the Patriots were using were under-inflated by 2 PSI. The NFL tested the 12 balls belonging to the Colts and they were all within regulations. It was clear the footballs the Patriots used in the game had been tampered with.

The issue only came to light after the Colts’ D’Qwell Jackson intercepted a pass from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and kept the ball as a memento, and noticed that the ball was kind of squishy.

New England Patriots are cheaters who cheatUnder-inflated footballs are easier to throw short to medium distances. They’re easier to catch at any distance. The Patriots broke the rules of the game to get an unfair advantage. The New England Patriots cheated.

How is this fact newsworthy?

The New England Patriots cheat. It’s what they do. They’ve been caught cheating before. I have no reason to believe they won’t get caught cheating again. When I see the Patriots take the field, I just assume they’re cheating.

Discovering that the New England Patriots cheat is like discovering that Pope Francis has a deep love for the Lord Jesus Christ and all things Catholic. Instead of telling me that the Patriots cheat, tell me something I don’t know, like the ending to Interstellar.

The NFL surely won’t do anything about this, at least not before the Super Bowl. In another ball-related incident, the NFL fined Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch $20,000 for grabbing his crotch in the NFC Championship game. They are more than willing to fine a player for an obscene gesture, but not for cheating. Every Patriots player who touched an under-inflated football on the field of play, broke NFL rules.

Where’s their fines? Don’t hold your breath. Seriously, don’t hold your breath. It’s not good for you. You need oxygen to survive. Permanent brain damage begins after only 4 minutes without oxygen. Granted, if you held your breath for any extended period, you’d pass out before any brain damage occurred, but it’s not worth the risk. If you’re like some of the people who try to post comments here, you can’t take any more brain damage.

Stay classy San Diego

The  defeated the San Diego Chargers yesterday, 24-17, in Denver, and will now host the New England Patriots this Sunday in the AFC Championship game.

If you thought Chargers fans were used to losing in the playoffs and that yesterday’s loss wouldn’t affect them too much, you thought wrong. Here is a video of Charger fans beating a Broncos fan outside Sand Diego, a wonderful place called National City:

I think it’s safe to say some adult beverages were involved. According to Chris Biele, reporter for Fox 5 San Diego, the Broncos fan deserved the beat-down because he came in like he owned the place, whatever that means:

I couldn’t really get into yesterday’s game because I couldn’t figure out who I disliked the most, the Chargers or the Broncos.

Why I hate New England sports fans

Evidently there are some New England Patriots fans that want the NFL to investigate the final 1:22 of the Superbowl. They contend that the clock was stopped when it should not have been. They have an online petition that so far as garnered 16,340 signatures. I’m not sure how many of those are fake. I’m sure quite a few people signed in jest.

I signed the petition as Nomar McWhiner.

Even if 10% of the signatures are legit, that’s far too many. It’s pathetic.

From reading the petition, it appears they want the game replayed. Like that is going to happen. If steroid junkie Rodney Harrison has made a play against David Tyree, Patriot fans wouldn’t be whining about anything. They certainly wouldn’t be asking the NFL to investigate so they can replay the game.

I would think the last thing any Patriots fan would want is the NFL to do any more investigating.