The Trump government shutdown is over

The Trump government shutdown is finally over. President Trump agreed to sign a bill that temporarily funds the federal government.  The president caved on his demand for $5.7 billion for a medieval wall on the southern border and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi agreed to allow him to cave.

The spending bill is for three weeks. This will allow Republicans and Democrats to negotiate on a more permanent spending bill. I think this is just a face-saving measure.  Trump’s not getting his giant wall and that’s the bottom line ’cause Stone Cold Nancy Pelosi said so. Something like that.

Instead of building a giant wall across the southern border, a more practical alternative would be to fund the construction and deployment of giant mechs on the southern border.  They would patrol our southern border looking for foreign invaders seeking a better life.

House Speaker Pelosi would never stand in the way of implementing such a project because it is giant mechs. It would be awesome. I’m already starting to feel more secure just thinking about it.

I blame President Trump for people crossing the southern border seeking a better life. One of the side effects of making American great again is that it makes more people want to come here. This side effect is one of the reasons so many presidents after Ronald Reagan (the first president to use the slogan) chose not to make America great again.  They knew only too well the problems it would create.

Luckily for us, there are no problems that cannot be solved with giant mechs.

Donald Trump’s first Oval Office address

President Donald Trump delivered his very first Oval Office address last night. He talked about the “humanitarian crisis” taking place on our southern border. According to Trump, the best way to respond to the humanitarian crisis is to build a ginormous wall between the United States and Mexico.

When in human history did a giant wall ever solve a humanitarian crisis?

Trump loves walls, especially if they keep out brown people

Donald Trump's first Oval Office address - Bent Corner

Trump wants his wall so badly that he’s shut down the Federal government until Congress gives him $5.7 billion to start construction on his wall. In a sense, he’s holding our country hostage. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and Senator Chuck Schumer, minority leader in the Senate do not want to fund a wall.

Donald Trump's first Oval Office address - Bent Corner
Chuck Schumer looked like a badass. If Nancy Pelosi wanted to look like a badass, maybe she shouldn’t have worn a pink suit.

After Trump spoke about the wall, Pelosi and Schumer got their turn. Schumer looks in the above photo as though he just killed a six-year-old cancer patient’s puppy. He looks like he enjoyed it and that he’s chomping at the bit to do it again.

Pelosi and Schumer need to hold the line

I think it’s important for Pelosi and Schumer not to fund Trump’s stupid wall. If they cave on this, he’ll only take advantage of them and our country again. I don’t believe Trump cares about the unpaid and furloughed government workers. He put them into this situation by shutting down the government. I don’t think Trump even cares about our country. Trump cares only about himself. He’s a racist asshole who has a long history of only caring about himself.

Dark Matter - Bent Corner
Dark Matter Season Two.

I didn’t watch the speeches last night. Like most good Americans, I was watching Netflix. We’ve been binge-watching Dark Matter. We’re now on season three. Evidently, it ends in a cliff hanger. That’s not good because season three was the final season. I’m guessing the people making Dark Matter thought there was going to be a season four. I’ll read all about it when I’m finished with the season. Unlike my wife, I don’t google TV shows until I’m all caught up.