NFL treats anti-gay comments more severely than violence against women

The NFL suspended Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice the first two games of the 2014 season as a result of an off-season arrest for domestic violence. Rice punched then-fiancée, now wife, Janay Palmer in an Atlantic City hotel. The entire debacle was captured on security video. So far, only the video showing the aftermath has been made public.

In the video, Rice is seen dragging Palmer out of an elevator. She looks unconscious.

It’s ridiculous that Rice can commit a crime of violence against a woman, and his punishment is only a two-game suspension. In comparison, Minnesota Vikings special teams coach Mike Priefer said something stupid about gay people and the NFL suspended him for three games. That’s one whole game more than what Rice got for rendering the mother of his child unconscious.

Why are words punished more than violence?

A grand jury indicted Rice with aggravated assault. Instead of going to trial, he was able to reach a pre-trial deal with New Jersey prosecutors. Once he completes a diversionary program, his indictment will go away and his record will be cleared.

The grand jury’s indictment stated that Rice “knowingly caused significant bodily injury” to Palmer under circumstances “manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life.” For that, his only punishment will be a suspension of two games.

To the NFL, what Mike Priefer did, saying something stupid about gay people, is worse than what Ray Rice did, beating a woman unconscious. One whole game worse.

Way to go NFL. Have fun selling all those pink jerseys.

Chris Kluwe says over half of the 2012 Minnesota Vikings joked about little boys getting raped

One of the things the public learned from the report commissioned by the Minnesota Vikings regarding allegations made by former punter Chris Kluwe in a post on Deadspin, was that Kluwe, heterosexual champion to all things gay rights related, enjoyed joking about boys being sexually assaulted. According to the report, Kluwe cut the seat out of his pants, put them on, and then told Vikings’ strength and conditioning coach Tom Kanavy, a Penn State alumni, that he was a victim of Penn State defensive coach Jerry Sandusky and to stay away from him while his ass were exposed.

What type of person jokes about child rape?

According to Chris Kluwe, over half of the 2012 Minnesota Vikings joked about it:


Chris Kluwe made light of something that should never have made light of, and then when he began to catch heat over it, he immediately threw his former teammates under the bus. The problem is that because he didn’t specifically name anyone who supposedly joked about children being sodomized, everyone has to guess who it is. Was it Adrian Peterson? How about Christian Ponder? Was it Jared Allen?

If I had to guess, then I’d guess none of them did.

Chris Kluwe is a fraud. I used to have a lot of respect for him. Now I don’t have any. It’s clear at this point that he craves attention and will do anything to get it, even it means cutting a hole in his pants and pretending to be a sexually assaulted child.

I think he used the issue of gay rights and gay marriage as a vehicle to get attention. I highly doubt he genuinely cares about gay rights. Someone who cares about gay rights doesn’t crack jokes about Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulting little boys.

Chris Kluwe was a mediocre punter of footballs and he’s an even worse human being.

Chris Kluwe joked about child rape?

Remember Chris Kluwe? He’s the former NFL punter who believed that he lost his job with the Minnesota Vikings because he campaigned in favor of gay marriage. He wrote a long post on Deadspin where he chronicled his experiences with the Vikings and how they collectively tried to shut him up about the whole gay marriage thing.

He called his former head coach Leslie Frazier, a coward.
He called his former general manager Rick Spielman a coward.
He called his former special-teams coordinator Mike Priefer a bigot.

After the Deadspin article had been published, the Vikings announced that they would investigate. They hired a Miniapolous law firm to conduct an independent review of Kluwe’s allegations. Their findings were published yesterday in the 29-page report.

Among other things, the report details just how much of a sucky punter Kluwe supposedly was. I guess this shows that he was fired not because he was a passionate advocate for gay marriage, but because he “was neither a great directional kicker nor good at placing the ball inside the 20-yard line” (page 13).

One of the most disturbing, and frankly, surprising parts of the report was found starting on page 26:

Kluwe also made fun of the Vikings’ then Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Tom Kanavy, an alumnus of‒and former coach at‒Penn State University, concerning the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State situation. In his interview, Kanavy explained that Kluwe cut the seat out of his pants and then put them on to imitate a victim of the Penn State child-abuse scandal. According to Kanavy, Kluwe said that he was a “Penn State victim” and to “stay away” from him while his buttocks were exposed.

Kluwe responded on Twitter:


There’s nothing funny about what Jerry Sandusky did. There’s nothing funny about child rape. The fact that Kluwe could even go there makes me reevaluate everything I’ve ever thought about him. I admired him for his stance on gay rights. I thought he was genuinely a real person, not someone who was using the issue of gay marriage to bring attention to himself. The fact that he could use a child’s rape as the basis of giving his strength coach a “hard time” seems absurd to me.

It sure doesn’t jive with any of my previous opinions of Chris Kluwe.

Ndamukong Suh fined $100,000 for 'illegal' block

Ndamukong Suh fined $100,000 for 'illegal' block - Bent Corner

The NFL has fined Detroit Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh a whopping $100,000 fine for the illegal block against Minnesota Vikings center John Sullivan during an interception return. In a video replay, Suh can be seen diving at Sullivan’s legs.

Some are saying Suh was going after Sullivan’s knees. I don’t agree. It looks as though Suh is diving at Sullivan’s feet. With that said, it’s still an illegal hit. The NFL actually had a rule against hitting an opponent below the waist during a change of possession (Rule 12, Section 2, Article 5 (a)).

So there are times when it’s perfectly legal to block below the waist, this was just not one of those times. Considering that, the $100,000 fine seems exsesive. It’s not like a blow to the head. It’s never okay to hit an opponent in the head, especially with your own helmeted head.

Blocking below the waist is perfectly legal. Sometimes.

Suh was flagged on the play, and the Lions were penalized 15 yards. The resulting touchdown from the interception return was called back. That probably should have been the end of it. Suh cost his team a touchdown. John Sullivan wasn’t hurt. Sullivan remained in the game and wont miss any playing time in the future because of it.

The fine was excessive.