The Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup champions

The Washington Capitals beat the Las Vegas Medieval Times Golden Knights last night 4-3 to win the Stanley Cup in five games. It’s the first Stanley Cup for the Caps. The team was established in 1974-75. It’s taken them 34 years to win the Stanley Cup.

Las Vegas Medival Times Golden Knights were established in 2017-18. At least that is when they first pranced on to the ice and began playing hockey in the NHL. Yes, they went to the Stanley Cup their first season in the league.

I hate the Las Vegas Golden Knights

With all sports, there are teams I like, teams I feel indifferent towards, and teams I hate with the intensity of a thousand suns. The Golden Knights fall into the latter category. I hate them because of their stupid pregame shows that feature costumes and special effects. I also hate them because of their fans.

Golden Knights fans are the walking, breathing definition of bandwagon fans. They either never watched hockey before the 2017-18 season or they ditched their former favorite NFL team and latched onto the Golden Knights. Now that their season is over, they can go back to their jobs polishing slot machines or scraping gum off the floor of the gentlemen’s club.

I’m sure that’s all that is. Gum.

I hate the Golden Knights so much that if they returned to the Stanley Cup next year to play the Pittsburgh Penguins, I’d root for the Penguins.

Alexander Ovechkin named Stanley Cup MVP

Capitals’ captain and Russian Alexander Ovechkin was named the Stanley Cups MVP. He scored 15 goals in the postseason, making him the fifth player in the last 25 years to do so.  He’s also the first Russian team captain to win the Stanley Cup. Being that he’s Russian, he probably also helped get Donald Trump elected.

I’ve watched the Capitals since moving to Western Maryland in 1994. I’ve seen them play in at least 18 different uniforms. I guess winning the Stanley Cup in the current uniform means they won’t have to change this one any time soon.

Speaking of uniforms, this is the first year they’ve worn jerseys made by Adidas. The NHL switched from Rebook to Adidas beginning this 2017-18 season. I guess that’s all it took to break the 34-year Stanley Cup drought, a jersey made by a proper athletic clothing maker.

Washington Capitals and Las Vegas Golden Knights tied 1-1

The Washington Capitals beat the Las Vegas Golden Knights 3-2 last night to even the series at one win each.

I didn’t even know the game was on last night. It’s harder and harder to watch hockey when I can’t watch it on my streaming account.  I’m not used to watching games in real time. The Stanley Cup Final games float from one channel to another.

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the Stanley Cup Finals:

  • Game 3 at Washington Saturday, June 2 – NBCSN
  • Game 4 at Washington Monday, June 4 – NBC
  • Game 5 at Las Vegas Thursday, June 7 – NBC
  • Game 6 at Washington Sunday, June 10 – NBC
  • Game 7 at Las Vegas Wednesday, June 13 – NBC

So after Game 3, the rest of the games will be on the regular NBC channel. That makes it easier. We only get NBCSN by streaming it, logged into it with my mother-in-law’s cable TV account. To get it on Dish Network, we have to pay for a bunch of other channels we don’t want. I’ve grown to really hate Dish Network.

After watching Game 1, I hate the Las Vegas Golden Knights. The pre-game show they put on was embarrassing to watch. It looked like something you’d see at a Medieval Times dinner show if you went to something like that. I would never go there. If you ever see me at Medieval Times eating a turkey leg and watching two guys pretend to knight fight, do me a favor and shoot me in the head. It’s not me. It’s probably a robot from the future pretending to be me.

I also hate the Golden Knights because of their fans. They are the epidemy of bandwagon fans. The team didn’t even exist until this season. The Golden Knights are an expansion team. That means every Golden Knights fan either never watched NHL hockey before this year and had a team they followed, or they ditched their favorite NHL team and latched on to this one.

Lifelong Golden Knights fans.

A Golden Knights fan doesn’t know what it’s like to experience the bad times. For them, it’s all been good. How do you establish an emotional bond with a team without the shared suffering? For them, it’s been nothing but good times. Good times at Medieval Times.

And what is a Golden Knight? It sounds like a prissy knight who probably avoids fighting other knights because they don’t want to mess up their fancy golden armor. Thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather root for the knight with the banged up armor, stained and rusted from the blood of his enemies.