MundaneMatt’s subscriber count is declining, but it’s not all bad

MundaneMatt’s subscriber count has declined steadily since word got out he was using YouTube’s flagging system to get revenge towards other YouTube creators. These creators dared to criticized his channel’s content. To do something like that is a serious thing to YouTubers. It’s called false flagging. If you false flag a channel and its read by the … Continue reading “MundaneMatt’s subscriber count is declining, but it’s not all bad”

Leave MundaneMatt alone (Update)

(Note: make sure to read the update located at the end of this post.) YouTube personality MundaneMatt (government name Matt Jarbo) is in hot water with other YouTube personalities for committing one of the greatest crimes a YouTube personality can commit: flagging videos critical of him as falsely containing inappropriate content. Personally, I don’t see how this … Continue reading “Leave MundaneMatt alone (Update)”

MundaneMatt apologizes to ‘Star Wars’ fans

MundaneMatt (government name Matt Jarbo) published a video in which he apologized for criticizing fans of Star Wars. If memory serves, he called out fans who’ve been critical of the Disney Star Wars movies even after the cast for Episode IV was released. If his reasoning doesn’t make sense, join the club. He’s removed the … Continue reading “MundaneMatt apologizes to ‘Star Wars’ fans”