Comic book writer Dan Slott gets death threats

From a Dan Slott interview posted on Comic Book Resources in late August: I’m really happy with our 1-2-3 punch of #698, #699 and #700. I think people are not going to forget this one. This story will raise some really strong emotions in Spider-Man fans. It will probably be one of the biggest things … Continue reading “Comic book writer Dan Slott gets death threats”

Joe Quesada is playing both sides of the ‘Ghost Rider stuff’

Marvel Comics Chief Creative Officer (CCO) Joe Quesada and Publisher Dan Buckley spoke to Comic Book Resources. They were wanted to address the controversy concerning Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich. He tried suing Marvel for a percentage of the money made from the first Ghost Rider movie. The movie grossed over $225 million. Of that, … Continue reading “Joe Quesada is playing both sides of the ‘Ghost Rider stuff’”

The face of copyright infringement

This is a photo of Gary Friedrich, the creator of Ghost Rider, at a comic book convention. He has a table where he’s selling autographed Ghost Rider prints for $20. It’s how, until very recently, he made a living. That came to a stop when Marvel/Disney counter-sued Mr. Friedrich over ownership rights to the Ghost … Continue reading “The face of copyright infringement”