Why I will no longer use the term ‘Social Justice Warrior’

I’ve decided to stop using the term Social Justice Warrior. Instead, I’ll use the term Social Justice Advocate. I believe it conveys the same meaning, but it’s less insulting and demeaning, both to the people whose actions I’m trying to describe and to real warriors. For example, YouTube personality and fellow Western Maryland resident Steve Shives … Continue reading “Why I will no longer use the term ‘Social Justice Warrior’”

Mark Waid, Antarctic Press, and the current state of comics

Longtime comic book writer Mark Waid reportedly didn’t like the fact that Antarctic Press, a small independent comic publisher, was publishing Jawbreakers: Lost Souls. It’s a comic book written by Richard C. Meyer with art by Jon Malin and Brett Smith. The project has had a very successful run on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding website. That’s a bit of an understatement. The … Continue reading “Mark Waid, Antarctic Press, and the current state of comics”

Awesome Con 2018

Awesome Con 2018 is taking place in Washington DC March 30 through April 1. I went to the inaugural Awesome Con and had a good time. If I go this year, it will be only for one day on April 1, also known as Easter Sunday. For you heathens out there, it’s the day our … Continue reading “Awesome Con 2018”

DC Comics remind employees to act nice on social media

There’s an email floating around the internet that reportedly was sent by DC Comics’ talent relations department to employees and freelancers reminding them that they need to keep up a high level of professionalism when engaging on social media. Bleeding Cool published the email as well as The Comics Reporter, winner of many awards for … Continue reading “DC Comics remind employees to act nice on social media”

How does one become a Diversity & Comics goon?

I’m a huge fan of the Diversity & Comics YouTube channel. I owe comic book writer (and former Donald Trump supporter) Mark Waid for turning me on to it. I watch almost every Diversity & Comics video and enjoy most of them. I’m even a supporter of the Diversity & Comics Patreon, although I’m currently at … Continue reading “How does one become a Diversity & Comics goon?”

Mark Waid is back on Twitter

I was surprised when I started noticing tweets by comic book writer and tantrum thrower Mark Waid in my Twitter feed. He raged quit Twitter some time ago and it’s been a while since I’ve read anything from him on Twitter. Here was the last thing he wrote before taking his Twitter ball and going home: … Continue reading “Mark Waid is back on Twitter”