The next Batman movie will not star Ben Affleck as the title character

Matt Reeves will be directing the next Batman movie titled The Batman. It’s scheduled for release to movie theaters on June 25, 2021. Reeves will be casting the movie without Ben Affleck as the title character. Rumor has it he will be casting a younger actor to play the iconic character.

Not only is Reeves directing the movie, but he is also writing it.

Dave Bautista threatens to quit ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’

Dave Bautista, former WWE wrestler, and current actor said he will not be in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 if Disney doesn’t use James Gunn’s script, one way or another, he will not be in the movie. From Shortlist, a website best known for its comprehensive lists written by people standing 4-10 or less, published an interview with Bautista. From that interview:

“Nobody’s defending his tweets, but this was a smear campaign on a good man,” he said, speaking to ShortList’s Tom Ellen. “I spoke to Chris Pratt the day after it happened and he’s a bit religious so he wanted time to pray and figure it out, but I was more like: fuck this. This is bullshit. James is one of the kindest, most decent people I’ve met.”

Bautista said Gunn had already turned in the script for Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3. A replacement director for the film, due to shoot early next year, has not yet been announced.

“Where I’m at right now is that if [Marvel] don’t use that script, then I’m going to ask them to release me from my contract, cut me out or recast me.

“I’d be doing James a disservice if I didn’t.”


I wish I had a friend like Dave Bautista

Dave Bautista threatens to quit 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3' - Bent Corner
What a friend we have in Caucasian Jesus.

Growing up in the Lancaster First Assembly of God church, there was a song we often sang. It was called, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” I know Jesus Christ died for our sins and all, but I think I’d rather have Dave Bautista for a friend. What he’s threatening to do is so punk rock. It’s awesome.

I can remember listening to an interview with James Gunn talking about the initial casting of Guardians of the Galaxy. Gunn said something to the effect that he thought he was going to have to settle for someone to play the part of Drax the Destroyer. He figured he would never be able to find someone who had the physical presence needed for Drax, but also have the comedic timing his take on the character required.  Gunn then found Dave Bautista.

Much like how Disney will never be able to find another actor to play the part of Drax the Destroyer, Bautista will never find a part as special as Drax. He was born to play the part. This is one of the reasons I find his stand so admirable.

To be honest, when Disney fired Gunn for inappropriate Twitter tweets made seven years ago, I assumed they were getting out of the who Guardians of the Galaxy business. I was wrong.

I can’t imagine Disney not using Gunn’s script if they already have it. It’s not like they pulled his two earlier movies from their back catalog. Afterall, those two movies are a lot closer to the time Gunn made the offensive tweets than a third Guardians would be.

Who knew James Gunn used to be a Twitter edgelord?

James Gunn, director of fine movies such as SlitherGuardians of the Galaxy, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 used to be a Twitter edgelord. The problem is when he stopped being a Twitter edgelord and decided to be a respectable movie director, he failed to go on Twitter and delete is edgy tweets.

I don’t understand why Gunn didn’t hire a social media person to manage his online content. He’s now a famous movie director connected to Marvel Studios which is owned by The Walt Disney Company. Why didn’t he have someone scrub this old Twitter stuff a long time ago?

He should have deleted all his old tweets as soon as he signed on to write and direct Guardians of the Galaxy. That’s what a normal human would have done.

It couldn’t have come at a worse time for James Gunn. The San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) is taking place and he was scheduled to appear. I’m sure that’s not going to happen now. The SDCC is like the Daytona 500 for nerds. The Daytona 500 is NASCAR’s Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the NFL’s FIFA World Cup. So obviously, right now is a terrible time for something like this to emerge.

It will be interesting to see if Marvel Studios fires him from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. As terrible and unoriginal as his edgelord tweets were, his movies are very good.


Marvel Studios has fired James Gunn.