Iron Man to become a black teenage girl

A 15-year-old black girl will become Iron Man, so says an exclusive from Time. Her name is Riri Williams and she takes on the role of Iron Man after events in Civil War II. I’m assuming Tony Stark will get killed off at the end of Civil War II. Captain America was killed off at the end of Civil War, so it’s probably safe to assume Tony Stark will meet the same fate.

It’s Marvel Comics. Imagination and creativity is not one of their strong suits.

If they are going to replace Tony Stark, why announce it before the fact? I can remember when you learned about changes to a character from reading the actual comic. It happened organically. If Marvel wanted to replace Tony Stark as Iron Man with a teenaged girl, why not let the reader learn about it by reading the comic? They could walk them through the change so it made some sort of sense. Instead, because they want the non-comic book reading populace to know how diverse they are, they announce the change in an exclusive story with Time.

Then again if Marvel Comics allowed the change to happen organically in the story of a comic book, nobody would know about it. Nobody reads comic books anymore.