Did Josh McDaniels punk the Colts out of revenge for Deflategate?

New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was going to become the new head coach on the Indianapolis Colts until he decided he wasn’t. The Colts released an official statement on the matter:

After agreeing to contract terms to become the Indianapolis Colts’ new head coach, New England Patriots assistant coach Josh McDaniels this evening informed us that he would not be joining our team. Although we are surprised and disappointed, we will resume our head coaching search immediately and find the right fit to lead our team and organization on and off the field.

“Agreeing to contract terms” isn’t the same thing as signing the contract. I’m assuming he never signed the contract otherwise the Colts would have probably lead with that. Plus, Josh McDaniels was still contractually obligated to the New England Patriots until after the Super Bowl. He wouldn’t have been able to sign a contract with the Colts until his time with the Patriots was over.

This could be a planned elaborate prank by the Patriots on the Colts. It was the Colts who got the wheels in motion for Deflategate. In the first quarter of the 2014 AFC Championship game, Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson intercepted a pass from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Jackson gave the ball for safekeeping to the Colts’ equipment staff. Upon inspection of the ball, the equipment staff decided the ball felt kind of squishy. It was as though it didn’t have enough air in it. They alerted game officials and all of the Patriots footballs were tested at halftime.

Did Josh McDaniels change his mind about the job offer as revenge for deflategate?

I doubt it. The Colts are a shit organization. They play in one of America’s worst cities and the owner is a degenerate drug addict.

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay.

Indianapolis is in Indiana. Have you ever been to Indiana? It’s a depressing place filled with depressing people who spend their time sitting in rocking chairs talking about going home to Jesus.

Why would anyone want to leave the Patriot’s organization to work for the Colts? I’m sure Josh McDaniels just came to his senses.

Plus, Josh McDaniels was probably told the Patriots head coaching job was his as soon as Bill Belichick retires.

I was completely wrong about Tom Brady

In the past, I’ve said some not-so-nice things about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. I’ve called him a cheater. I’ve compared him to Sammy Sosa. I’ve called him a spoiled baby.

Tom Brady didn’t deserve any of my criticism.

Everything I’ve ever said about Tom Brady was wrong. If I could manipulate time, I would go back and not write negative things about Tom Brady. In all honesty though, I would first go back and kill baby Hitler, but as soon as I completed my act of justifiable infanticide, I’d go back and not blog hostile things about Tom Brady.

I’ve been thinking about the whole deflategate controversy since the beginning of the 2015-16 NFL season. I’ve looked at it with fresh eyes. If the footballs used by the Patriots in the 2014-15 AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts were under-inflated, why didn’t any of the officials on the field notice? The officials handled the footballs every play. The Colts had their own footballs. The Patriots had their own footballs. If something was different between the two, the officials would have noticed.

If, after the game, the NFL determined the footballs were under-inflated, why then weren’t any of the officials disciplined for allowing the game to be played with squishy footballs?

The officials weren’t disciplined because there wasn’t a noticeable difference in the footballs.

Also, if the exact air pressure of a football is so important and sacred to the integrity of the game, why does the NFL allow each team to provide their own footballs? If the amount of air in a football was important, the NFL would provide the footballs. The teams would not be allowed to provide their own footballs. The air pressure in the footballs would be checked constantly throughout the game. There would be sideline laboratories staffed with expert scientists using state-of-the-art pneumatic pressure instruments, ensuring the footballs were properly inflated.

In retrospect, the whole deflategate thing was stupid. It’s the worst kind of controversy: a non-controversy. I think I allowed my own personal biases against Boston sports teams and their insufferable fans to cloud and contaminate my opinion. Like most people, I associate Boston sports teams with obnoxious, blowhards like Bill Simmons and Sarah Silverman. I shouldn’t have done that.

I’ll try to be a better man in the future.