Zoë Quinn, professional comic book writer

Just when I thought the medium of American comic books was dead, something happened that breathed new life into its rotting carcass. Zoë Quinn (government name Chelsea Van Valkenburg) will be writing a comic book for DC Comics as part of their relaunch of the Vertigo imprint. The book is called Goddess Mode. It will almost certainly … Continue Reading “Zoë Quinn, professional comic book writer”

John Scalzi blames writing problems on Donald Trump

Hugo award-winning writer John Scalzi shared in a blog post that he has a bit of writer’s block. He is currently working on Head On, a novel coming out next year. He’s having a hard time getting the words out. Luckily, he’s figured out the problem: Donald Trump. From his post: I’m not trying to be … Continue Reading “John Scalzi blames writing problems on Donald Trump”