Rob Schneider sends his fans after Gail Simone

Saturday Night Live alumni and comedic actor Rob Schneider took exception to a joke comic book writer Gail Simone made. It involved Canadian donut shop Tim Hortons and Schneider. Gail made a joke about Tim Hortons being the Rob Schneider of donut shops. Having had Tim Hortons coffee and watched a lot of Rob Schneider movies, … Continue reading “Rob Schneider sends his fans after Gail Simone”

Rick Olney has passed away

Comic book convention promoter Rick Olney has passed away. He was 58. To say Olney was somewhat controversial in the world of comic book fandom is perhaps an understatement. He had run-ins with a good many comic book professionals over money, none more public than with comic book writer Gail Simone. It was the basis … Continue reading “Rick Olney has passed away”