Frank Cho denounces Comicsgate as an alt-right hate movement

Comic book writer and artist Frank Cho wanted to let everyone know he’s not down with the hate movement known as Comicsgate. He went to Facebook and posted the following:

Frank Cho Comicsgate

So there you have it. Contrary to what comic book artist and the self-described “Ceasar” of Comicsgate Ethan Van Sciver would like to believe, Frank Cho wants nothing to do with Van Sciver’s hate movement. That has to be quite demoralizing to Van Sciver. Will he now call Cho a “fucking midget” as he did to standup comedian and lifelong comics fan Patton Oswalt? This was in response to Oswalt’s light roast of Richard C. Meyer’s Comicsgate comic book.

Ethan Van Sciver (Image: Aaron A. Alvarez)

Name calling is a big part of Comicsgate. I’m almost certain Cho will be on the receiving end of some anonymous¬†angry words from Comicsgators. Cho identified himself as a proud liberal Democrat. According to Van Sciver, anyone who is not a vocal Trump supporter is a leftist, an SJW, a cuck, consumer of soy-based products, or a cultural Marxist.

Frank Cho denounces Comicsgate
If you didn’t vote for Donald Trump, you must consume a lot of soy sauce.

Cho denounced Comicsgate. I’m not at all surprised. I know of no comic book professional who doesn’t have an economic stake in Comicgate speak positively about it.