Rotten Tomatoes employs anti-troll countermeasures

Rotten Tomatoes, the film and television review-aggregation website announced new changes. Namely, how users will interact with and let their opinions be heard on the Rotten Tomatoes. They will no longer allow trolls to brigade the website and declare a project is a failure.

It turns out, Anita Sarkeesian was maybe right

Infamous video game critic and hyper-feminist Anita Sarkeesian has an image on her Twitter page that shows a necklace that says, TRUST NO MAN.

When I first saw the image, I thought she was just trying to be edgy. I thought it was an example of over-the-top hyperbole meant to invoke a reaction. I chose not to take the bait. It’s why I didn’t write about it until now.

With the news that Senator Al Franken acted inappropriately with a woman during a USO tour, I now look at Anita Sarkeesian’s necklace and have to think it’s pretty dead on. If you can’t trust Al Franken not to act like a dirtbag, what man can you trust?

You trust no man, that’s who.

You don’t realize who your heroes are until they do something terrible and you’re left with a heavy feeling of disgust. That’s what I feel when I see the photo of Al Franken pretending to grope Leeann Tweeden while she sleeps, disgust. It’s clear to me now from the way I feel, Al Frankin was kind of a hero of mine. I really liked him.

Not anymore.