I went in for a colonoscopy and got an incomplete

It turns out that I I went in for a colonoscopy yesterday and it didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I went in for a colonoscopy yesterday and it didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I’ll need to go the University of Maryland Hospital and get it done again. The reason? The ascending colon is still inflamed and too narrow for the scope to traverse. A full colonoscopy can’t be done here in Hagerstown. It will have to be done at the University of Maryland Hospital where they evidently have scopes more suited for my situation.

To say I’m not at all happy with this outcome is an understatement.

We knew my colon was inflamed and narrow back when I was in the hospital. This is what caused the infection that required me to stay in the hospital for ten days, nine of those days in intensive care. They could tell from the series of CT scans I had in the hospital that my colon was inflamed and narrow. A week before the colonoscopy, I went in for another CT scan just to make sure the colonoscopy could be done. The results from the recent CT scan indicated the colonoscopy could be performed. That turned out not to be the case.


Even though the colonoscopy could not be completed fully, I still paid $1,018 out of pocket for the procedure.

I now get to look forward to another colonoscopy, this time 80 miles away. The actual colonoscopy isn’t that bad. The worst part is the prep required for the colonoscopy. Two days before the procedure, you have to go on a liquid diet. The day before the procedure, the liquid diet turns into a clear liquid diet. You can only drink substances you can see through. Oddly enough, that doesn’t include American beer.

You then have to start consuming the liquid called MoviPrep. It’s supposed to clean you out. It’s the worst tasting concoction I’ve ever had. It tastes like dirty ocean water with a hint of lemon-lime. I had to drink 32 ounces of this nasty sludge the night before the procedure and then another 32 ounces at 4:00 AM the day of the procedure.

What depression feels like to me.

I now have this to look forward to all over again. If I didn’t already have a problem with chronic depression, knowing I have to do this again would make me feel depressed. At least this gives me a valid reason to be depressed. Normally with my depression, I don’t have a reason to be depressed. I just feel depressed.

My hope at this point is my gastroenterologist will decide a full colonoscopy is not required and just diagnose me with colitis or Chron’s decease. The report from yesterday said the findings, incomplete that they were, was compatible with colitis. The report did say the gastroenterologist took biopsies, so maybe something can be determined from that.

If the idea is to clean you out, why don’t they arrange for you to have a colonic?

I’m getting really tired of dealing with this and I don’t want to drink any more of that nasty tasting MoviPrep crap.