Baltimore declares war on Styrofoam

Having successfully tackling every other problem plaguing the city, Baltimore has now set its sights on ridding the city of Styrofoam. From The Baltimore Sun: By an unanimous vote Monday night, the council gave preliminary approval to the bill that Councilman John Bullock introduced as an effort to cut down on the number of foam … Continue reading “Baltimore declares war on Styrofoam”

Stay away form Tim Horton’s K-Cups

I was at Sam’s Club the other day and picked up a box of Tim Hortons K-Cups. People have told me that Tim Hortons was like the Canadian version of Duncan Donuts. Since I associate Duncan Donuts with the greatest tasting coffee ever made, I decided to give it a try. Big mistake. Tim Hortons … Continue reading “Stay away form Tim Horton’s K-Cups”

The Black & Decker Easy 8-Cup coffeemaker

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Black & Decker Easy 8-Cup coffeemaker. I thought it would be a good idea to augment my Keurig single-serve coffee maker with a good old-fashioned drip maker. Why make coffee one cup at a time if I’m going to be home for a while? It seemed to me … Continue reading “The Black & Decker Easy 8-Cup coffeemaker”

Stay away from Gevalia K-Cup packs (Update)

Update (19 July 2014): I wrote this almost a year ago. Sometime between then and now, Gevalia fixed the problem. I’ve now gone through four boxes, and not a single K-Cup has given me a problem. The K-Cups look the same, but they feel as though they are made with a much more rigid plastic. … Continue reading “Stay away from Gevalia K-Cup packs (Update)”