Clemson beats Alabama for the National Championship

Clemson beat Alabama 35-31 last night to win the College Football Playoff National Championship.

I didn’t watch the game. College football isn’t really my thing. Plus, I just figured Alabama was going to win because that’s what they do. I checked the score at some point last night and it was 14-0 in Alabama’s favor. I then woke up this morning and checked ESPN and immediately saw a photo of overjoyed players in Clemson creamsicle orange.

I wasn’t expecting that.

I went on to read that Clemson won that game in the last seconds. That made me think that perhaps Clemson got lucky. I then looked at the stats of the game. Clemson didn’t get lucky. Clemson kicked Alabama’s ass.

Passing Yards
Clemson: 420
Alabama: 155

Rushing Yards
Clemson: 91
Alabama: 221

Total Yards
Clemson: 511
Alabama: 376

First Downs
Clemson: 31
Alabama: 16

Time of Possession
Clemson: 34:44
Alabama: 25:16

Succession from the United States
Clemson: December 20, 1860
Alabama: January 11, 1861

What’s strange is that Alabama rushed for 221 yards, yet controlled the ball almost ten minutes less than Clemson. I now wish I’d watched the game.