Merry Christmas to you and your people

Today is Christmas, the one day a year we celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus by buying material things for the people we love and present these material things to them while eating food none of us should be eating. Merry Christmas! This Christmas is special to me because I don’t remember last Christmas. I was … Continue reading “Merry Christmas to you and your people”

RockstarFlipper, more like RockstarScalper

There’s a guy on YouTube who calls himself RockstarFlipper. His real name is Casey Parris and he fancies himself to be an expert on reselling on eBay. He buys used clothing at Goodwill outlet stores and then sells the clothing on eBay. This is referred to as flipping. The subject of his most recent YouTube … Continue reading “RockstarFlipper, more like RockstarScalper”