If Squarespace is so great, why do you use WordPress?

A lot of the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis advertise for Squarespace, a website builder that claims to allow anyone to quickly build a fantastic looking website.

Squarespace versus WordPress

I was listening to the Nerdist podcast today while, coincidentally enough, working on a WordPress website. As I was listening to host Chris Hardwick talk about the many benefits of Squarespace, I wondered if he uses Squarespace. If Squarespace is so awesome, surely Chris Hardwick uses it to make the Nerdist website, right?

I went to Nerdist.com and took a look at the source code:

If Squarespace is so great, why do you use WordPress? - Bent Corner

Having a folder named wp-content in a website’s root directory means it’s a WordPress joint, not Squarespace. All in One SEO Pack is a WordPress plugin. Chris Hardwick is using WordPress, even though he’s a paid shill for Squarespace.

I don’t understand. If Squarespace is so great, if it allows anyone to create a fantastic looking website, why is Chris Hardwick using WordPress?

Chris Hardwick, more like Chris Hypocrite.

Truth in advertising

I think it’s pretty disingenuous for someone to take money to advertise a product they themselves don’t use. If Chris Hardwick had any integrity, he’d move his website over to Squarespace. It would also be nice if Squarespace would only approach content creators to advertise their product with content creators who actually use Squarespace.

Considering how great Squarespace is, I’m sure there are lots content creators they can chose from. Right?