Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers doesn’t understand words

Geeks + Gamers is a website and YouTube channel dedicated to all the great things “Geek Culture” has to offer. Jeremy, the site’s founder, and YouTube host came across my radar from watching Ethan Van Sciver’s YouTube channel ComicArtistPro Secrets.

Evidently, there’s been some type of war between Star Wars themed YouTube channels. Luckily for me, I’ve been able to avoid the drama because the war seems to be between two entities I do not follow, Making Star Wars, a website and YouTube channel and Rebel Force Radio, a website and podcast.

Reportedly the editor-in-chief of Making Star Wars, Jason Ward, contacted Rebel Force Radio’s sponsors and persuaded them to stop advertising with Rebel Force Radio because of something they said.

Making Star Wars’ editor-and chief Jason Ward and his wife Amanda Ward, the site’s administrator. (Photo: Twitter)

Jeremy and Geeks + Gamers have also been getting some heat from Jason Ward. This prompted Jeremy to create a response video while driving somewhere.

I watched the video. Here are my thoughts:

Not only did Jeremy not know who Chloe Dykstra was, but he also didn’t seem at all familiar with her last name (timestamp 2:44):

Somewhere in the livestream, I talked about the Chloe… what’s her name… Chloe Dykstra.

How can one be a Star Wars fan and not know the name Dykstra?

John Dykstra, Chloe’s father, was the mastermind responsible for inventing the spaceship special effects in Star Wars. He not only filmed the special effects using models, he invented the cameras used to capture the images. The man earned an Oscar for his work on Star Wars. George Lucas never did.

John Dykstra is Star Wars royalty

Star Wars legend John Dykstra.

As a kid growing up, I loved building plastic models and science fiction. John Dykstra was a hero of mine. I read everything in Starlog magazine about him and how he made Star Wars look the way it did.

I thought it was odd watching the video that someone could be wearing a Star Wars hat while gripping a Stormtrooper steering wheel cover and not know the Dykstra name.

Jeremy admits to objectifying women (timestamp 4:15):

He (Jason Ward) also said that I admit to objectifying women which is 100 percent true. I do. And I said that. And I’ll stand by that because I’m a man. I’m a man with a certain body part that makes me objectify women and any man who says he doesn’t, I’m trying to be as clean about this, any man who says he does not objectify women in private or says he does not watch adult videos online is a liar.

So I’d like for you to ask Jason Ward, “Hey have you ever watched adult films online Jason?” Because any man who says he doesn’t objectify women when he’s hanging out with his boys, when he’s hanging out at the bar, when he’s chilling watching football or whatever, he’s a liar.

There’s a lot to unpack in the above quote. In Jeremy’s defense, I don’t think he understands what the word objectify means. He seems to have confused the word objectify with the word attraction. You can be attracted to women without objectifying them.

Objectifying women is bad

Objectifying a woman means you don’t view them as a person but as an object. In this case, a sexual object that exists for the sole purpose of deriving sexual pleasure.

Objectifying women is bad. Being attracted to women is not bad unless you use that attraction to fuel something weird, annoying, or creepy.

Speaking of weird and creepy, Jeremy wants his viewers to ask Jason Ward, someone they don’t know if he’s ever watched “adult films” online. How ridiculous is that? I can’t imagine asking anyone that question, let alone someone I don’t know.

For the record, I’ve never watched an “adult film” online. Mostly that’s because I’m not a 14-year-old boy. I’m a happily married 53-year-old man. I wouldn’t even know how to go about watching “adult films” on the Internet. That’s not at all what I use the Internet for.

It seems Jeremy is assuming everyone is like him and his “boys.” Big mistake. To assume everyone is just like you or the people you chose to associate with is a good way to be wrong most of the time.

Everyone is different. Some people are more different than others.

What I find weird about this whole situation is that everyone involved professes to love Star Wars. It just goes to show that you can have something major in common, but instead of focusing on your similarities, you concentrate on the things that make you different. I guess that’s just human nature.