Comics World opens today in its new location

Comics World, the area’s premier seller of comic books and comic book related merchandise has been located for the last twenty years in the Chambersburg Mall in Scotland, Pennsylvania. That ends today when it reopens in its new location, 1670 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

The Chambersburg Mall should now close

The Chambersburg Mall

It’s exciting news for me personally because it’s now a closer drive. It’s now 25.9 miles away compared to 29 miles when it was located in the Chambersburg Mall. Plus, the Chambersburg Mall is a sad depressing place. Now that Comics World is no longer there, I never have to set foot in it again. The Chambersburg Mall should now do the world a favor and close. It’s on its last legs. It’s lying in a hospital bed with tubes in every orifice, hooked up to machines. Its friends and family stopped coming to visit it a long time ago. Now that Comics World is no longer there, it’s time someone took it behind the barn and sent it home to Jesus.

With comic book stores closing everywhere, it’s good to see Comics World can avoid that fate and relocate to a better location. I plan on stopping by today and buying something. If you live in the West Virginia/Maryland/Pennsylvania Interstate 81 corridor and you enjoy comic book shops that don’t smell of stale cigarette smoke and personal failure, you ought to make plans to visit Comics World too.

Comics World
1670 Lincoln Way East
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 17202
717) 264-9918
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Beware of Finish Line ‘free trial’ magazine subscriptions

A few months ago, I stopped in at the Finish Line in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and bought a couple of t-shirts. While I was paying, the person running the register asked if I would be interested in a free trial to Sports Illustrated. I thought about it and decided that I would. I figured that when the free trial ran out, I could just cancel it.

My wife noticed this past weekend that $49.99 had been charged to my Visa Check card by TWX Sports. I had never heard of them before. I did a quick Google search and I learned that it is none other than Time-Warner.

Time-Warner publishes Sports Illustrated. My free trial wasn’t so free after all.

I never received a statement from them, nor did I know how long my “free” trial subscription to Sports Illustrated lasted. The best that I can figure is that they got hold of my Visa Check card information from Finish Line. I never gave any of my financial information to Time-Warner, nor did I give it to Finish Line for the purpose of signing up for a free trial subscription to Sports Illustrated.

I provided my Visa Check card to them to buy some t-shirts.

Not only did Finish Line sign me up for Sports Illustrated, it turns out that they also signed me up for Sports Illustrated for Kids. For that, I was charged $24.99.  At no time did I even want a trial subscription to this magazine.  I don’t have any kids.

I don’t even like kids.

This calls for a chargeback

I called my bank and I’m disputing both charges.  I’m feeling optimistic things will work out in my favor.  No matter what happens, I will not be agreeing to any more “free” subscriptions.

UPDATE: All the charges were reversed by my bank. I recommend that anyone scammed by Finish Line into paying for a “free” magazine subscription report the incident to their bank or their credit card company and start a chargeback. Maybe if enough people do that, the credit card companies will finally do something about this scam.