Wil Wheaton blames ‘Tabletop’ producer for errors

Former child actor Wil Wheaton hosts a YouTube show called Tabletop. The show features Wheaton and three or four guests playing a board game, the type of specialty board game one might buy at a specialty game store. In the videos, you see Wheaton and his guests, usually D-list celebrities, playing the game, presumably correctly. … Continue reading “Wil Wheaton blames ‘Tabletop’ producer for errors”

2014 ‘Ticket to Ride’ World Champion dethroned for cheating

Days of Wonder, a the makers of Ticket to Ride, a popular railway-themed board game with board game nerds, was forced to dethrone the 2014 World Champion after allegations of cheating. Erwin Pauelsen, the National Champion from the Netherlands and seen in the above photo of the right, admitted to cheating during the final match, … Continue reading “2014 ‘Ticket to Ride’ World Champion dethroned for cheating”