Ray Lewis: ‘talent sometimes can win you games’

Ray Lewis, former Baltimore Ravens linebacker, and current ESPN analyst is once again taking swipes at the Ravens’ supposed lack of leadership. Before Monday’s game on ESPN between the Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos, Lewis said the following: We talk about the transition of losing so many guys, a guy like myself and Ed … Continue reading “Ray Lewis: ‘talent sometimes can win you games’”

Ray Lewis is not talking about no fine

The NFL announced yesterday that Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis has been fined $25,000 for two separate dirty plays in the fourth quarter of Baltimore‚Äôs 17-14 loss on Sunday. In one of the plays, Lewis evidently thought he was the Karate Kid and kicked an opponent. In another, Lewis executed a viscous helmet-to-helmet hit on … Continue reading “Ray Lewis is not talking about no fine”