This is why I don't go to football games anymore

In case you missed it, Oklahoma beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, 45-31, on New Years Day. Turns out, some of the Bama fans at the game didn’t react too well to their favorite team getting beat on the field of play. One fan, a woman, named Michelle Prichett from Stillwater, Alabama, was so unhappy with the game’s outcome that she lost her mind and launched herself at a gaggle of male Oklahoma students. As she was being pulled away from the youths, she repeatedly kicked one of them, Michael Connolly, in the chest.

The exchange was captured on video.

According to the Mrs. Prichett, she went all Bruce Lee on Mr. Connolly because he had the audacity to call her a “stupid bitch.” She also claimed he was taunting her 16-year-old son.

Even though you can almost smell the booze on Prichett’s breath from just from watching the video, she claims she wasn’t intoxicated. She states she had a couple of drinks, but that she wasn’t drunk. Sure. If anything, the idea she was sober when she did what she did, is worse than if she were channeling her inner Otis the Drunk. Then again, Otis was a happy drunk. He never attacked anyone.

I don’t understand why people have to get their drink on at football games. Is it because it’s so boring that they have to be inebriated just to pass the time? Baseball is pretty boring in person, more boring than football, yet people don’t get drunk at baseball games. At least not like they do at football games. It’s what tailgating is all about, getting to the game early to get drunk before kickoff.

I’ve been to three professional football games, two in Los Angeles and one in Buffalo, and four college football games, all in Syracuse. At every single football game, I’ve had to deal with intoxicated idiots in one way or another. For example, at one college game, one drunk asshat spilled his beer all over my friend’s wife. As fate would have it, she was the one person in our group why hated football and didn’t even want to be there. Of course, she was the one that ended up covered in beer.

It’s because of people like Mrs. Prichett that I have no desire to ever go to a football game again. I would much rather just watch football on TV.

Steve Nash: 'I don't want my kids to grow up in L.A.'

Steve Nash, the aged and oft injured point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, is going through a nasty custody battle with his ex-wife Alejandra Nash. At issue is where their three children will live. Alejandra wants to move to Los Angeles with the children, Nash wants her and the children to stay in Phoenix. The reason? The court ordered child support in Arizona is a lot less than it would be in California.

The two went to court back in May where Nash told the judge hearing the case, under oath, that he didn’t want his kids to grow up in L.A.

What a piece of garbage. Nash makes his money in Los Angeles. He’s making $9,300,500 this year. He made $8,900,000 last year, in Los Angeles. For his NBA career, Steve Nash has earned $137,235,620.

With that kind of money, Nash has more than enough money to allow his children to live in the same city as he does without worrying about his child support obligation going up. Some fathers have to get second jobs just to pay their child support. Nash will never have to do that.

What kind of father would rather have his children live hundreds of miles away if given the choice? Nash is actually fighting to keep his kids in another state, only because it would cost him less money.

Money is something Steve Nash never should have to worry about. If he was a decent human being and a father, he wouldn’t be fighting in court to keep his children out of the state he lives in.

DragonCon responds to the call for boycott

The organizers of DragonCon have issued an official response to the call for a boycott by author Nancy A. Collins of the popular annual sci-fi and fantasy convention. As Collins has correctly pointed out, money earned from the yearly convention still goes to the con’s creator and co-owner, accused sexual predator Edward Kramer.

From the official DragonCon Facebook page:

There has been a great deal of discussion as of late in the community regarding our continued financial connection to Edward Kramer. Please know that we are as troubled by this circumstance as anyone else, but please also know that there is no simple, legal, solution to this matter…if there were, it would have been resolved long ago.

For the record, Edward Kramer resigned from the Dragon*Con convention in the year 2000. Since that time, he has had no role in the direction or management of the convention; however, he remains a stockholder despite our desires otherwise.

Since Edward Kramer’s arrest in 2000, we have made multiple attempts to sever all ties between Edward Kramer and Dragon*Con including several efforts to buy Edward Kramer’s stock shares. Unfortunately, Edward Kramer’s response to our buyout efforts was repeated litigation against Dragon*Con…thus our buyout efforts have been stalled. The idea proposed of dissolving the company and reincorporating has been thoroughly investigated and is not possible at this point. Legally, we can’t just take away his shares. We are unfortunately limited in our options and responses as we remain in active litigation.

The current flood of “information” about this litigation appears to have been taken from the multiple lawsuits against Dragon*Con filed by Edward Kramer and his lawyers (i.e., Edward Kramer’s arguments and allegations, not documented facts). To our dismay, much of this misinformation is being quoted as pure fact despite the reality that a court of law determined that many of the facts and figures provided by Mr. Kramer in his law suits were false, inaccurate or completely fictitious.

It is our sincere hope that the end is in sight and that the upcoming trial(s) in Gwinnett County will provide a resolution of Edward Kramer’s guilt or innocence, and therefore a cause of legally divorcing ourselves from him once and for all.

Since 2000, Dragon Con has been managed by three of the original co-founders, Chairman Pat Henry and board members Dave Cody and Robert Dennis. In that time the convention attendance has grown from less than 10,000 to over 52,000 fans. Our goal has been and will continue to be, to provide the greatest fan driven science fiction/fantasy convention in the world.

We do hope that everyone understands that due to past, present, and possible future lawsuits we find ourselves unable to comment further on any matters concerning Edward Kramer. Please do not construe any future silence on the matter as a lack of concern on the part of the Dragon*Con staff and more specifically, our board of directors.

We will continue to strive to provide the best possible experience for our attendees, volunteers, partners and invited guests alike.

We are, and will remain, for the fans, by the fans.

After reading the statement from DragonCon, the boycott seems even more necessary than before. Now we know for a fact that, as Collins has pointed out, money spent for tickets to DragonCon is going Edward Kramer.

DragonCon co-owner Edward Kramer
DragonCon co-owner Edward Kramer

For years now, supporters of DragonCon have argued that Kramer no longer had anything to do with the convention. Now we know from the official DragonCon Facebook statement, this is not true.

DragonCon is just a name. The longer the organizers do nothing to stop profits from DragonCon going to Edward Kramer, the more damaged that name becomes.

As long as DragonCon is a revenue stream for Edward Kramer, I will not attend.