Comic book writer Aubrey Sitterson blocked me on Twitter

Aubrey Sitterson, the current writer for IDW’s G.I. Joe┬ácomic book series, has blocked me on Twitter. I’ve never interacted with him. I’ve never sent him a tweet or mentioned him in a tweet. That said, he’s blocked me.

I don’t get it.

Considering how important G.I. Joe toys were to me as a child, the idea the writer of G.I. Joe would block me on Twitter, Donald Trump’s favorite social media platform, makes me a little sad.

Just a little.


Comic book writer Aubrey Sitterson.

The mystery has been solved. Aubrey Sitterson blocked me on Twitter because I follow Diversity & Comics on Twitter. Evidently he is using a bot that blocks anyone who follows Diversity & Comics on Twitter. I’m totally fine with that. I don’t read his comics, nor do I listen to his music, so I guess it’s fine.