Amazon members don't like Dreamweaver CC

I’ve been playing around with the trial version of Adobe Dreamweaver CC, a powerful cloud-based website creation and development software. Dreamweaver switched to a cloud-based system in 2013. Before that, Dreamweaver was distributed only physically on the disc along with a perpetual license assigned to a specific user. The price for Dreamweaver CS6, the last … Continue reading “Amazon members don't like Dreamweaver CC”

Thinking about buying a Wink Hub?

A while back, I bought a Wink Hub, a futuristic device that allows you to control electronic devices in the home via the magic of Wi-Fi. I paid around $40 for the Wink Hub on Amazon and then bought two Wink compatible LED light bulbs locally at Home Depot or Lowes. I don’t remember which. … Continue reading “Thinking about buying a Wink Hub?”

How to make better Amazon affiliate links

If you take part in Associates Central, Amazon’s affiliate program, you probably already know that the official tool for creating Amazon affiliate links is awful. It’s bloated and includes a lot of unnecessary code. Here’s the HTML code it generated to create a simple text link for¬†Ancillary Justice, a sci-fi novel I’m reading: This code … Continue reading “How to make better Amazon affiliate links”