Alison Rosen shares details over the financials with Carolla Digital Network

Alison Rosen, former “news girl” for The Adam Carolla Show podcast, discussed on her podcast allegations made by Adam Carolla. The pretend contractor, pretend boxer explained on a recent podcast episode why he fired her.

One of the many reasons he gave for letting her go was that she refused to give her Amazon affiliate earnings to his patent troll legal defense fund. It turns out Alison Rosen was already giving Adam 50% of her Amazon affiliate earnings.

Funny, the Ace Man forgot to mention that fact.

Furthermore, because her podcast, Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, was on the Carolla Digital Network, Adam Carolla was also getting about half of her podcast revenue and a fee for each podcast episode. In exchange, she was able to record her podcast at Adam Carolla’s podcast studio.

In other words, Adam Carolla was making more money from Alison Rosen’s podcast than Alison Rosen was. That’s fine. They were in business together and that was their business agreement.

The problem is that Adam Carolla never explained the entire financial business arrangement when he told his listeners she refused to contribute to his legal defense fund. When he complained that she was unwilling to give her Amazon affiliate earnings to his legal defense fund, it sounded like that’s all he was asking from her. He failed to point out that he was already getting about half of all her podcast revenue, half of her Amazon money, or that she was paying him for each episode she recorded at his podcast studio.

According to Alison Rosen, her part of the Amazon affiliate earnings represented a couple of thousand dollars a month.

To tell the listeners that Alison Rosen refused to give her Amazon affiliate earnings to his legal defense fund, without explaining their full financial arrangement, or how much money it represented, Adam Carolla was being less than honest.

Why Adam Carolla fired Alison Rosen

Adam Carolla, host of iTune’s 33rd most popular audio podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, spent some time on a recent podcast episode explaining why he fired former “news girl” Alison Rosen. The episode was posted on January 12, 2015 and is entitled ACS: Anthony Cumia.

Here are the reasons Adam Carolla gave for firing Alison Rosen:

  • Adam didn’t think Alison had read any of his books.
  • Adam didn’t think Alison had watched his Spike TV show, Catch a Contractor.
  • Alison never promoted Mangria, a bottled beverage made from wine, vodka, and something else, that Adam “invented” and sells online.
  • Alison didn’t say anything when Adam unveiled the cover of one of this books, live on the podcast.
  • Alison never invited Adam to anything social outside of the podcast.
  • Alison didn’t say goodbye to Adam when leaving the recent The Adam Carolla Show Christmas party.
  • Alison wouldn’t agree to give her Amazon affiliate earnings to the legal defense fund to fight the patent troll who was suing Adam and some other high-profile podcasters.
  • Mike Lynch, a writer for the podcast who lives in Massachusetts, told Adam that he would send news stories to Alison for the show, but she would not use them.
  • Adam told Alison and Bryan Bishop, the show’s sound effect operator, that he may be tired at an upcoming live event, so they should have some prepared things to talk about. Minutes before going on stage, both Alison and Bryan told Adam that didn’t have anything prepared.
  • Alison would never improvise on the show, forcing Bryan to roleplay the girl parts.
  • After noticing that Alison’s podcast was featured on iTunes, Adam wanted to place a Carolla Digital logo on the show’s banner image. Alison would only agree to do this if it was so small, it was nearly invisible.
  • Adam dreaded talking about his participation in the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, because both Alison and Bryan sounded disinterested and bored.
Why Adam Carolla fired Alison Rosen
Alison Rosen

I don’t think anyone ever questioned why he fired her. Firing an employee is a normal function of running a business, whether it’s a pet store or a podcast. If he wanted to fire her, then that’s his prerogative. What people are questioning was how he fired Alison Rosen. He fired her in an email over the Christmas break.

The entire segment was uncomfortable to listen to. I thought Adam sounded immature and petty, but that’s who he is. This episode only serves to solidify the reputation he has and proves that it’s completely deserved.

Adam Carolla fires Alison Rosen

Podcaster Adam Carolla decided to part ways with long-time “news girl” Alison Rosen from his podcast, The Adam Carolla Show. He did the termination in a very typical Adam Carolla way, he did it in an email.

Considering that Carolla is functionally illiterate, he most likely had to have someone else write the email.

I feel sorry for Alison Rosen. I used to listen to the show a long time ago, and she seemed like an actual nice person. In other words, totally unlike pretend boxer, pretend contractor Adam Carolla. Then again, Carolla fired executive producer Donny Misraje in 2012. Misraje was not only the person who got Carolla into podcasting after he was fired from this gig in terrestrial radio, he was his high school best friend.

If the former Jimmy Kimmel sidekick could fire someone like Misraje, then it’s safe to say that he could fire anyone.

itunes_rankingsIt doesn’t really surprise me that Carolla felt the need to shake things up. I was perusing iTunes just the other day looking for new podcasts to listen to. I was surprised to see The Adam Carolla Show not at the top of the rankings, like it used to be at.

Not only is the The Adam Carolla Show not in the iTunes top-10, Alison Rosen’s show, Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend, was in the top-10. It’s now listed at number seven. The Adam Carolla Show is listed at number 31.

Ouch. That’s got to be infuriating to a petty, hateful man-baby like Adam Carolla.