Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster sent home from NFL combine

Former Alabama inside linebacker Reuben Foster, viewed by most experts to be a top-10 pick in the upcoming NFL draft, was sent home from the combine.

From ESPN:

Foster had been waiting for an extended period for what the NFL calls his “pre-exam”, when he grew increasingly impatient and began questioning a hospital worker.

The hospital worker did not take kindly to Foster’s words and eventually the two were face to face, in a heated exchange.

The hospital worker did not take kindly to Foster’s words? Whatever said hospital worker’s duties are, I’m fairly confident they don’t include getting face to face with a patient.

I don’t know why players, especially those who are highly rated, even go to the NFL combine. Reuben Foster played four years at Alabama. He was a unanimous All-American last year and was awarded the Butkus Award as the top college linebacker in the country. No team in the NFL, even the ones run by incompetent morons, need to see Reuben Foster at the combine to learn any more information about him that they don’t already have.

If your team needs an inside linebacker and you’re burning calories trying to decide if you should draft Reuben Foster, you’re doing it wrong.

Clemson beats Alabama for the National Championship

Clemson beat Alabama 35-31 last night to win the College Football Playoff National Championship.

I didn’t watch the game. College football isn’t really my thing. Plus, I just figured Alabama was going to win because that’s what they do. I checked the score at some point last night and it was 14-0 in Alabama’s favor. I then woke up this morning and checked ESPN and immediately saw a photo of overjoyed players in Clemson creamsicle orange.

I wasn’t expecting that.

I went on to read that Clemson won that game in the last seconds. That made me think that perhaps Clemson got lucky. I then looked at the stats of the game. Clemson didn’t get lucky. Clemson kicked Alabama’s ass.

Passing Yards
Clemson: 420
Alabama: 155

Rushing Yards
Clemson: 91
Alabama: 221

Total Yards
Clemson: 511
Alabama: 376

First Downs
Clemson: 31
Alabama: 16

Time of Possession
Clemson: 34:44
Alabama: 25:16

Succession from the United States
Clemson: December 20, 1860
Alabama: January 11, 1861

What’s strange is that Alabama rushed for 221 yards, yet controlled the ball almost ten minutes less than Clemson. I now wish I’d watched the game.