Steve Nash: 'I don't want my kids to grow up in L.A.'

Steve Nash, the aged and oft injured point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, is going through a nasty custody battle with his ex-wife Alejandra Nash. At issue is where their three children will live. Alejandra wants to move to Los Angeles with the children, Nash wants her and the children to stay in Phoenix. The reason? The court ordered child support in Arizona is a lot less than it would be in California.

The two went to court back in May where Nash told the judge hearing the case, under oath, that he didn’t want his kids to grow up in L.A.

What a piece of garbage. Nash makes his money in Los Angeles. He’s making $9,300,500 this year. He made $8,900,000 last year, in Los Angeles. For his NBA career, Steve Nash has earned $137,235,620.

With that kind of money, Nash has more than enough money to allow his children to live in the same city as he does without worrying about his child support obligation going up. Some fathers have to get second jobs just to pay their child support. Nash will never have to do that.

What kind of father would rather have his children live hundreds of miles away if given the choice? Nash is actually fighting to keep his kids in another state, only because it would cost him less money.

Money is something Steve Nash never should have to worry about. If he was a decent human being and a father, he wouldn’t be fighting in court to keep his children out of the state he lives in.

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