Stay away from the Holiday Inn Burbank-Media Center

On our final night on vacation, we stayed in a hotel close to the Burbank airport. Our flight back to Dulles airport was at 8 am. That meant we had to be at the airport no later then 6 am. We figured it would be a lot easier to stay in a hotel near the airport, preferably one with a shuttle service to the airport.

We thought we had one when we reserved a room at the Holiday Inn Burbank-Media Center. We were wrong.

We checked in at around 4 pm. We decided to go up to our room, drop off our luggage, and then return the rental car. When we went back downstairs to the parking lot, we found out that we had to pay $5 when leaving the “free” parking lot. Even though it states that parking at the Holiday Inn Burbank-Media Center is free, it’s not.

We dropped off the rental car and then took the car rental shuttle to the airport. From there, we rode the Holiday Inn shuttle back to the hotel. When we got back to the room, I started to notice how dumpy the room was.

Take a look at the art over the bed. There’s mold between the glass and the artwork. Yuck.

Stay away from the Holiday Inn Burbank-Media Center

What a dump.

Even though the hotel is advertised as having a free shuttle to the airport, it doesn’t make it’s first run until 6:30 am. Since we had to be at the airport no later than 6 am, we had to take a cab. Parked in front of the hotel were a few taxis. When I told the driver of the first taxi where we wanted to go, he told me he would take us if we agreed to pay $20. Burbank airport is only a three-mile ride from the hotel. It’s not like I had much choice. Since the Holiday Inn chooses not to start the shuttle service until 6:30 am, the taxi operators know that they have people over a barrel. I guess I should be glad he didn’t demand $50.

You think that when you go online and look for a hotel near the Burbank airport, and the first result you get is a Holiday Inn that claims it has free parking and a free shuttle service to the airport, it will have those things. It doesn’t.

Do yourself a favor and avoid the Holiday Inn Burbank-Media Center.

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