Another reason to stay away from Site5

I received an email this morning from Site5, my former hosting provider and domain registrar. The email stated that was about to expire and I should renew it now. One small problem: I changed’s registration to GoDaddy last year.

Here’s the email:

Site5 is a terrible company. They used to be great until they were acquired by EIG. Since then, Site5 has become a terrible hosting provider, just like HostGator, Bluehost, and the other hosting providers taken over be EIG.

EIG is like the Borg from Star Trek. They zip around the known galaxy and take over once respected hosting providers.

One of the changes put in place by Site5’s new overlords is that to sign into your account, you have to agree to their Terms of Service (ToS).  I’ll cut off a thumb before I agree to EIG’s ToS. I don’t know what it even says, but if it was put in place by EIG, it’s got to be bad for the consumer.

This fraudulent email is just another ploy to get me as a former consumer to agree to their ToS.

Take my advice and stay away from Site5 or any other hosting provider acquired by EIG.

Rick from Bent Corner

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