Stay away from any apartment owned by Washco Management

Sheri and I received the remainder of our security deposit on Friday from Washco Management Corp, the company that owns and operates Springfield Farms Apartments. Maryland law requires landlords to return a security deposit no later than 45 days from the move out date. It took Washco Management Corp 43 days to return our money, two whole days before they legally had to.

They didn’t even return all of our money. They illegally withheld $212.50. They sent us a check for the remainder of our security deposit with the following breakdown of expenses:

  • General Cleaning: $168
  • General Maintenance Labor: $27
  • Maintenance Supplies: $24
  • Rent: $6.50

It’s absolutely absurd that they would charge us $168 for cleaning. We left the apartment in immaculate shape. We paid to have the carpets professionally cleaned. I was actually proud of how clean we left the apartment.

I have no idea what the $6.50 rent is all about. It would be nice if they explained what it was for. Legally, they are required to.

We did everything right, Washco Management Corp did everything wrong. When we gave notice that we were leaving at the end of our lease, we sent a letter by certified mail informing them. We also requested a walk-through inspection within 5 days of leaving and we requested to be informed by certified mail of the date and time of the walk-through inspection. This was our right under Maryland law.

We never got our walk-through inspection. According to Maryland law, if a landlord fails to provide a walk-through inspection when the tenant specificity requests it, they forfeit the right to withhold any of the security deposit and must return all of it.

The law is totally on our side on this. It’s not even debatable. The problem is, how do we enforce the law, call a cop? No, the only way to get the rest of our money back is to take Washco Management Corp to small claims court. The problem is, I’m not sure it would be worth going to court over this. I’ve never sued anyone in my life and I’m not so sure I want to start by suing someone for only $212. Is it worth taking time off from work and going to court over $212? I don’t think it is and I’m sure that’s why Washco Management Corp chose that amount to withhold.

The good thing about all this is that I will never have to go through it again. Sheri and I are now official homeowners. I have Washco Management Corp to thank for making me want to buy a home. It was the wood floor fiasco that made me realize owning our own home had real advantages.

If you live in central Maryland and you are thinking of renting an apartment owned and operated by Washco Management Corp, do yourself a real favor and don’t. We were good tenants. We paid our rent in full and on time each and every month and they thanked us by ripping us off for $212.50. Don’t let them rip you off too. When looking for an apartment in central Maryland, make sure it’s not owned and operated by Washco Management Corp. If you are looking for an apartment in Williamsport, Maryland, don’t even think about Springfield Farms Apartments.

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  1. First of all, I think that you deserve to keep your deposit money. You cleaned the place spotless. They shouldn’t have to hire the cleaning crew to come in. Did they hire cleaners though? Can you be absolutely certain that they simply pocketed your money and lied about the cleaners coming in? They probably didn’t even look around your apartment to determine how clean it was. They probably just scheduled the cleaning crew to come in regardless of what you did, on the day that your move out notice reached them. The manager is just plugging in the same numbers that he does for every apartment. Afterall, who cleans that much when they leave? That’s what I find unusual about all this. I’ve rented like 10 places in 11 years. I don’t even bother cleaning before I move because I have realized that they’re just going to charge me money for cleaning either way. My friends give me a hard time for moving so much. I tell them, “When its time to vacuum, its time to move.”

    1. They probably just pocketed the money. I figure they have an amount they know from experience people wont sue them over. They know it’s a major pain to sue someone and most people with jobs wont go to court over something this small.

      It’s not worth my time.

      I figured I’m post about it so anyone thinking of renting from them and does a quick Google search will know to stay away. This post is currently the number four search result for “Washco Management Corp.” This way people who Google before signing a contract will know what they’re getting into.

  2. i know that feeling/ we lived her for six years and was told last week we had to leave at the end ove july because ove our kids! there 3 and 2 and was told they run the parking lot and the hailways and stomp up and down the steps! they can barley make it up the steps i gotta carry them up to the third floor!take it from us dont rent from them all they will do is screw you over! tennants smoke in hailways blare there music thru the building! all wascho mangement cares about is getting the rent money by 5th ove ever month! once again stay the hell away from WASCHO MANGEMENT

  3. I am a former manager of Washco Management and you’re correct – they are only out for themselves and lack general customer service. You’re better off not living at Springfield Farms

  4. or for that matter – any of the Washco Properties. Trust me, it’s not easy being a manager for the Shaool’s. They beat you down until you’re so afraid of losing your job that you will do what ever it takes to keep them off your back.

  5. They did the same to me. They kept my security deposit illegally. They sent a letter over 45 days afterwards.

  6. Jonathan Scovell

    We are currently living in Chambersburg, PA with Washco and they’re giving us trouble with our AC during the hottest weeks of the year.

    They give lie after lie about the parts and maintenance while charging us full rent. They have ONE maintenance man for FIVE locations. It took them two months to replace the kitchen lights for me. When we moved in we found pills and junk in the kitchen drawers. The place was filthy as well. For the first month we would get black, really BLACK, grime on our feet from just walking around barefoot. We made a mistake renting from them but we can’t move.

    1. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I too had problems with the air conditioning the first summer after moving in and I ended up having to fix it myself.

  7. Dear Mr. Rottam
    First, on behalf Washco Management we would like to sincerely apologize for your move-out and work order situations. There is never a good excuse for poor performance, but I can say we will always welcome and appreciate the constructive criticism. Further, we are always looking to improve our product and the best way is good customer feedback like your blog. With that said, I do wish to inform you of some specific changes which will hopefully lead to not just overall improvements, but also correct problems such as the ones discussed here. About 45 days ago, we commissioned a new web company to design a new website so we could better communicate with our customers (the site should be up and running in 60 days or sooner). This website will be much more user friendly, informative and responsive. On this site there will be a customer service email area that will go directly to the Property Director and the corporate office. In the meantime, please feel free to email me at so we can discuss your situation.
    Overall, Washco Management does strive to raise our level of performance very day in every aspect of our product. I look forward to hearing from you and working this situation out.
    Adam Shaool

      1. Did you ever get back your “cleaning charge” from Washco? We have a similar situation, left the unit spotless, cleaned behind the appliances, wash windows and window sills practically everyday, have curtains hanging so blinds are all clean and yet they have the audacity to charge me “cleaning charge”. I wrote and e-mailed Mr Shaool, and property manager. I still have yet to see my money returned to me.

    1. Hey Shaool. You spend way too many words explaining how you’re trying to improve your service. Then you call Mr. Rottman “Mr. Rottam.”

      Are you an intentional a**hole or just an accidental idiot with flagrantly poor attention to detail?

      Did you eventually return his security deposit in full?

      We are watching you.

    2. I think it’s high time we all get together and file a law suit against these crooks.

  8. I used to love living in Springfield Farm Apts but it has turned into a nightmare. They rotate out property managers like clockwork and the maintenance staff and time standards are substandard at best. The property mangers and owners are shady at best while they hold to tooth and nail to this policy or that policy. I have lots to say in detail about the scandalous action that take place here but that shall come at another time. Take heed of this warning. Stay away from Washco and Shool management.

  9. I sympathize with you and your situation. As a former Property Manager with Washco, I can tell you they will steal everything they can from you if they think can get away with it. As another former employee posted above, I remember the Thursday meetings with Sassan and Dion that usually consisted of Sassan screaming at his employees and bringing some of them to tears. This family has more assets locally and nationwide that would blow your mind if you knew. Yet they penny pinch tenants during move-outs to get everything they can. I remember filling out move-out sheets and getting calls from Dion asking why there were no charges listed on the sheets. I was told to “find something” to charge them for. This company and this family feel that they are “above the law”, and that Manny will bail them out of any trouble they get into, including breaking the law. Sassan has always been a hothead and easily loses his temper in any situation. He may seem threatening to some, but how can somebody that is 5 foot 8 and 130lbs scare anybody?

    Anyway, it seems Adam is now handling the day to day stuff that Sassan can’t or won’t do. Having all that money takes time to spend right? I too wish I could afford to buy my wife an $8000 purse for her birthday…..

    Stay away from anything Washco/Shaool related. They are more criminal than you could imagine.

  10. I recently submitted my resume for a position posted on the internet with Washco. I’m thinking twice. I have excellent customer service skills and the proud professional of 15+ years. I don’t need someone yelling and being demeaning towards e. Respect goes both ways. Give it…get it. Wow!

  11. Funny thing was that I was contemplating applying for the Property Manager position for this company today. I am looking for something close to home and this seemed to be a good match – until I read the comments on here. I have 12 years experience as a Facility Manager and have a good track record with repairs, etc in property management. However…. I have left jobs before that I was treated like dirt and really do not want to get in that situation again. I believe in being straightforward with tenants and following the law when it comes to move outs, etc. You charge for what it cost you to do the repairs and nothing more…..

  12. I just sent a resume to this place – for an accounting position… I don’t think I’ll be taking the call if they try to contact me! I thought I’d give it a try because it’d be closer to home, but it doesn’t sound worth it. I don’t want to leave a job I like that’s further away for a closer job that sucks… lol

  13. And Adam handling day to day matters. All Manny and Sassan have done is turn him into their puppet. I enjoyed working for Adam and found him to be very fair, but that only lasted for a little while – I guess he got bitter and burned out as well. Dion is a fair man and as long as you were honest with him – he would have your back.

  14. Adam Shaool,

    Where’s that website? Still can’t find it. Washco Management are lying sludge.


  15. @Adam Shaool: thats a lie i signed a new lease month later you guys kicked us out saying we never paid rent on time and our kids were running the halls all day and night! know we just got court papers saying we owe ten grand! our nightmare when you guys will never end! let us move on! stay away from wascho properties they will screw you over


  17. @TimReed. I think I know you. You lived in building 100 right? If this is true I saw you and you wife almost every morning and you carried your kids up and down the stairs everyday. I am also having issues with washco and would like to talk to you and your wife if possible. Maybe we can help each other out.

  18. My family and I just moved out of the Hagerstown Rosewood Village apartments after living there for 3 years. Maryland law states that 30 days from leaving the lenders are required to send you a itemized break down of any withheld amount of your security deposit and prices of all repairs other than normal wear and tear. If they don’t they forfeit the right to ANY of the security deposit and the interest it has accumilated over your stay. The Lender also has 45 days after you vacate to send you your security deposit otherwise you have the right to sue for upto 3 times the amount of your security deposit and intrest.
    It has been 44 days and we haven’t seen the itemized list nor the security deposit.

    On like most of you I will be taking Washco Management to court on this. Infact I have been waiting for the time to past by to do so.

    I called the office 35 days after moving out about the security deposit and was told that it was being processed.
    In seems they expect you to be stupid and not know Maryland law. Well this is the second appertment complex that has broken the law with us on secuirty deposit, and we will not let it slided.

    If you, as a renter was 6days late on rent you had to pay them a 3% per day plus your rent. They use the law against you if you did wrong so it’s time that someone held them accountable.

  19. They are a sham company for sure. We were at a property in Pennsylvania. We are military so they thought that would keep us from protesting, since we are now 3 states away. Ha! We have free lawyers. I’m getting our money back. We had a walk through. They overcharged us for the items that were documented, then added more undocumented items (which is illegal) so that they could take most of the interest from the escrow account (also illegal) they held our deposit in.

  20. We lived in the Highlands of Greenvillage for 2 years and moved out this spring. HGV sent us notice that they were planning to keep our security deposit and seeking additional charges.

    In the state of PA, the Landlord Tenant Act requires landlords to provide this notice within 30 days. HGV’s letter to us was postmarked on day 32.

    We took them to small-claims court and won. We received the check about 6 weeks later that included our security deposit, the interest, and the court costs.

    Here is the link to the PA Landlord Tenant Act:

    See Section 250.512 re: security deposits

  21. I have only lived at Washco property for five months. When I first called for any problem that needed maintenance it only took a few days. It has now taken two weeks of a request to have a broken lock on the front door fixed and they still have not fixed it. I have been to the rental office several times. Shelila, who most of the time is a smart ass, looked at me on Friday and said “we have other important things.” In other words she could care less about my situation with the lock. I have no problems with how the property is kept up. I do have a problem with someone’s shit attitude. I don’t worry because she will get what is coming to her.

  22. Wash Co. Management is all about money! My parents moved into one of their newest properties that was marketed for 55+. They lived there for 3-4 years and was never late on rent. My mother previously worked in that industry so when ever issues came up regarding fixing things she usually was able to fix things herself. The few times she did call to have something fixed she was told she would need to pay for the repair or go buy something that matched exactly to replace it herself. ( A toilet bowl lid) would have cost $45 to have management replace it. Absurd!!! This type of thing should be included. I remember one year the intercom system for the security entrance was knocked out by a storm. It took at least 2 months for that to be fixed. Not acceptable when EMS cant even get in if need be. My father passed away and when my mother chose to move out the whole process was a disaster. The move out instructions were so unrealistic, especially for a 55+ community. They make you get professional carpet cleaners in and have to have an invoice as proof. I’ve never heard of making people clean the ceilings. Very frustrating. Not only did we clean ourselves but we had a professional cleaning company come in and also clean the carpets. The rental agent was very demeaning and over all just a “Snobby” person. Upon the walk out inspection she kept talking over my mother and walking away from her and giving her; her back. So disrespectful and very unprofessional. Not only that but just heartless knowing this woman’s life has just been turned upside down by grief. In 2 days it will be 45 days and we still haven’t received her security deposit. The walk out inspection gave her an idea that they would nickel and dime her as mention was made that a hole to high for us to reached wasn’t covered with plaster near where you hang the curtains. Come on; don’t they need to re-paint anyways. I think they want the apartments MOVE IN ready so that they don’t need to do anything but RENT RENT RENT! So upsetting!

  23. My husband & I moved into on of their townhomes the end of 2012. I should have known from the start that this may have been a mistake. During our move in walk through, we was told various items we noticed needed attention, would only be noted on our move in sheet. About 2 weeks after moving in, we had issue with the heat and was told the unit was new and should be working fine. After harassing them for another 2 weeks, they sent someone over who claimed to have fix things but it still was the same. Once again I called them and was told they had someone come in and there was nothing more that could be done. We have been told the craziest things when asking about repairs and I really wondered if they thought we was total retards but after viewing all of these posts, I see that they do this to everyone! I can only hope and pray that things get better with them but I’m very doubtful of that.

  24. My boyfriend and I moved into Springfield Apt Nov, 2012 and everysince has had problems. Our landlord has entered our apt when we were not home, left us in the heat of the summer with my brand new baby, which she had to replace the ac system twice. We had mice problems our first week and they did nothing but buy dollar trap to fix. She contist twisting the lease agreement to get her way and more money from us. She trying to make us pay a balance that was judge to be work out in every month. She left a not on my door saying how she was rasing our rent do to the fact that we cant afford it. She trying to find every way to get us to leave. We are not bad people just to young adults trying to do the right thing. we work almost everyday and go to school. verus the people who play loud muisc after 1am and smoke and grow weed so much you can smell it in my apt(which the landlord know about) the diffrence between us and them late rent…. We are curently filing a harassment suite aginst her and washco, a police report and anything else we can. IF YOU CAN HELP US IN ANYWAY PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP DREAM07108@GMAIL.COM….PLZ

    1. I would like to join you in a class action lawsuit. if you get it rolling i’m in.

    2. take my advice and move out!! i lived there for four years and it was living hell/ i really didnt want to move out because i like the place/ trust me im so glad i left best thing i ever did

  25. I wish we could move out high electric cost, I wear 3 coats and 4 pair socks, they our not to be trusted,I live at Highlands of Greenvillage, have one year lease, can not wait to leave, they will not response to request of fixing items, or anything, just the rent check. this is said, I hope to receive my security deposit back, cause the place was dirty when I moved in and no one did anything when told.

  26. Just got my electric bill 428.00 I just can not believe for two people. This is ridiculous, I guess we will not eat. Before moving in told utilities where not bad. We where told so much its hard to believe that people like this get away with it. If I could movie sooner I would, There is no manager even here.

  27. I am glad I stumbled upon this BLOG!! There is enough evidence for us to bring a class-action lawsuit against Washco Management. My daughter lived there for a year and was barely there as she traveled a lot. Still, …as it is required to have your apartment professionally cleaned before moving out, she did that and video tape ALL rooms.

    First they tried to hold the rent saying she should pay an holdover tenant fee of $80′ something dollars per day. She debated that from a legal perspective because she gave them the appropriate notice and her move-out date did not yet arrived when they initiated the “hold-over increased rate”. SMH.

    Sheila Wolf then called and said they would keep her entire security deposit of one months rent to cover the days, she moved out prior to her move-out date and only went back on the final day for total inspection and cleaning. “RIDICULOUS!!!”, that could not work, so Washco then sent her a breakdown of cleaning fees, a broken toilet cover replacement of $27.00, a electric bill for over $500.00 etc. Kept over 886.00 of her deposit and sent her a menial refund. We kept the track record and will be pursuing them in court. THEY ARE CRIMINALS!!!! I will now have her remove all her initial good comments on their review site. they are hardened criminals that need to do time in Jail. That VP Dion Atkins is an accomplice criminal and will be dealt with in court as such.

    However, for now, getting back 3 times the amount of deposit from them at minimum will suffice. Rick, I am sorry you chose to let them off the hook. It’s not about the SUM, it’s about teaching these people to NOT STEAL. This is stealing. I am sure if you were mugged and the mugger took your wallet with only a few bucks, you would still report it to the cops. If someone broke into your home and took NOTHING, you would still report it. We have to deal with these business entities with the same vigilance.

  28. the doc was misaligned, so I misread. the $500.00 was dangling between the rent & electric itemized line, and appeared to by on the electric line. So it turns out they insist on billing for more days than the unit was occupied for. $500.00 inclusive of holdover fees.

  29. Does anyone know how to get a hold of Adam Shaool or any of the Shaool I am getting now where with property management want to go up to higher level if that helps

  30. Good Luck Rose
    I hope you receive your deposit back. People need to stand up when things our not right. Its a shame( that none of these people our honest or can be trusted None) Good Luck

  31. Question if you do not have a guilty mind then why come on and read the information people write. It should not bother you, but i guess it does.

  32. I don’t have a guilty mind. First, many get Washco confused with Shaool Management. Second, neither I or my staff is perfect. That said, I simply want to be aware of any and all issues. I know I am a good person and always try and put my best foot forward. Just because I listen doesn’t imply guilt. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    1. So will your company then give me my money back that they fradulently withheld since I have made you aware of the problem many times and have gotten no where with Dion and the involvement with the BBB and State Attorney General? I promise you if this isn’t resolved I will make the fraud your company has committed known EVERYWHERE. Also working on getting some people together for a lawsuit….evidence is undeniable and there’s PLENTY of it.

  33. Are the shaool’s that run washco the same as the shaool’s who run shaool property management? I currently rent from david and ziva shaool and it has been an absolute nightmare. You would think that when you have an entire family (two small children and two adults) sick for 8 months due to black mold that the management would care. At least pretend to care for crying out loud. It should not take from june until november to fix two leaking pipes. There is no dollar amount that can make up for the hell my family has been through. If I knew what I know now we would have never rented this place. It’s sad that my fiance and I both served our country just to get shit on by our landlord. I didn’t get shot for this crap.

  34. Would it be possible that everyone write a complaint with the We have our fair share of complaints and would like for more people to know how horrible of a company they are to rent from. I have a neighbor who just moved in and they are counting down the days until their rent is up.

    1. That would be great some form or action needs to be taken, I moved out , It was a nightmare also no air or heat, mold dealing with poeple who only concern is the money Sham on them

    2. I have gone through a long and drawn out process with the BBB and state attorney generals office regarding this companies criminal acts and the money they stole from me. It really gets you know where. I have also just emailed a negative customer review to the BBB to have posted on their site. My complaint is still on file and viewable on the BBB site. Short of a bunch of us all getting together and suing (which would be WONDERFUL) not much is going to be done because both the BBB and attorney general simply act as moderators.

  35. Sassan, Adam, Dion, all three of you are punks. Theives. Stealing from working people. Getting richer every day on the backs of people who work real jobs for a living. Living off daddy Manny’s money. Go check out the empty mansion at Black Rock this family keeps as a crash pad when they are in town. The taxes on it are more than you and I earn in a year. Get all three of them in the same room and confront them. They call the cops out of fear instead of answering for their illegal actions. Dion does a great job being Sassans b@tch and scape goat. Stay away from theses criminals and their properties. If you and i did what they do on a daily basis you and i would be in handcuffs.

  36. I was at Springfield farm for 3 years. 2 years my ac broke. was told I had one week to move out while working 40+ hours a week. even with the short notice I wanted to be nice and clean. I went into day to get my stuff and the food I had in the freezer and refrigerator where gone and my clean stuff was gone. when j called the bitch Shannon in the office she yelled at me saying she was at home with her daughter. i didn’t care what she was doing I wanted to know where my stuff was. she said she didn’t know. when I told her I waited for her yesterday to do the walk though on the apartment after she said she would be there she told me she didn’t say that and stated she wasn’t going to do a walk though with me.

  37. sure wish I would have found this blog before dealing with Rosewood Village Townhomes. On Nov 20 2015 I took my mother to see a model townhome. We liked the floor plan and was told by Shannon that there was a unit directly across the street available Jan 12th. Perfect that’s what we wanted. I was told by Shannon that she would call me to get my email so that she could email me a floor plan (needed to show my father). I would have funds for security deposit in Dec. I waited 2 weeks with no contact from Shannon so I went to the office again on Dec4th. I was then informed by Shannon that she misspoke and that the unit wasn’t being vacated until Jan 31st + time to clean wouldn’t be available until Feb. No thanks we don’t wish to move in Feb. Shannon says oh well I have a corporate unit that “might” be available shortly after Dec 31 but I can’t let you know for sure until tomorrow morning. She said I get in at 10:30 am and I will call you. Ok can you please email me the floor plan (never received after numerous promises). I gave her my bank card for the $25 app fee and $500 toward the security deposit in case the “corporate” unit was available. Never got a phone call as promised so we made plans to extend our stay where we are. I went to the rental office on Dec 11 to request the $500 credited back to my check card realizing the $25 app fee was theirs to keep. I was told they couldn’t do that. A little ridiculous considering if you return something to Walmart within 30 days they can put $ back on your card. I was told by Shannon that “corporate” (I assume that means Washco) has to mail me a check. I asked if I could please pick it up as I have zero reason to trust Shannon at this point. I also asked for a receipt that she requested my money from “corporate”. She said oh we don’t do that. I called 5 days later to check the status of the return of my $ and all she can tell mebi is that “it’s still being processed”. Not let me check on it Ma’am and get back to you…or perhaps let me give you the phone number to the elusive “corporate” folks. So I told her you tell “corporate” if I don’t have MY $ when I come there Friday, I will be going to file small claims court case as they would have then had my money for 2 weeks. She said to me well I will tell them that and we will be vindictive and make you wait 45 days. She obviously doesn’t know the laws because that is for leases. According to Maryland code 8-213 they have 15 days if there ultimately is not a lease. I will be suing in small claims as I have 6 weeks of leave saved up from work. Code says I can sue for 2x’s the amount. Professionalism is not just about being nice, you need to keep your promises to people, know your property availability and laws. And the ultimate kicker is she is going to threaten to keep MY money on behalf of her employer when she violated current tenants right to privacy by telling me where my sister’s in laws lived. I think I will suggest that the Attorney Generals office investigate the ratio of app fees collected to actual leases granted. Something is very shady in that place. I was going to reapply in the Summer before miss Shannon’s ghetto immature behavior. Heads up Washco, she is a very large liability and needs classes on the TRUE meaning of professionalism.

  38. Unskilled Labor Keeps Me Employed

    Never in my life have I ever witnessed an operation that was as morally bankrupt as Washco Management. Their people are not bonded, have not had back ground checks conducted prior to employment and income levels are sub par compared with similar incomes across all levels within the industry. Bullshit in, bullshit out.

    Look at the latest request for a “Skilled Labor Technician”.

    I have read some of the complaints people have posted condemning certain people who work at Washco and only wish to add that we all work for someone else who makes decisions. Their are a few good people who work there who after hours are just as critical as those who complain here. Keep that in mind when it comes to matters involving security deposits and maintenance requests, it has been my experience that neither of these departments operates with any autonomy and receives direction and priority from the brothers.

    I would not recommend renting from Washco and have had regular contact with various tenants on all their properties who have expressed a great deal of frustration.

    Choose wisely.

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