Something tells me Ernest Cline once worked in a call center

I am reading Ready Player One, a superb science fiction novel written by Ernest Cline. The book is on just about everyone’s top-ten fiction list for 2011 and rightfully so. I’m actually dreading the day I finish it and wont have it to read anymore.

It’s really, really good.

Last night I got to the point in the story where the main character takes a job in a call center providing tech support. Though it takes place in the year 2044, it doesn’t seem all that much changes from present day call center technical support.

From page 207 of Ready Player One:

Helpful Helpdesk Inc. took millions of calls a day, from all over the world. Twenty-four seven, three sixty-five. One angry, befuddled cretin after another. There was no downtime between calls because there were always several hundred morons in the call queue, all of them willing to wait on hold for hours to have a tech rep hold their hand and fix their problem. Why bother looking up the solution online? Why try to figure the problem out on your own when you could have someone else do your thinking for you?

I don’t think truer words have been written. Ernest Cline has to have worked at a call center.

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