Washco Management Corp is awful and should be avoided at all costs

We have been having a massive amount of problems with the management at our new apartment. On April 21, we noticed the hardwood flooring in the main hallway was warped and buckling. We called the office and told them about it. After lots and lots of phone calls as well as emails to the vice-president of Washco Management Corp, the company that owns this apartment complex, we were finally told that the flooring installers would be coming out on May 6 to replace the warped floor.

What caused the warping?  The floor had been damaged by water leaking on the inside of the air-conditioning unit.  I had to fix that myself since nobody from the apartment would come and do it, even though I reported it multiple times.

Sheri went ahead and took a vacation day so that somebody could be here while the floor installers were working.  We were told they would be here sometime in the morning on May 6.

They never showed up.

Every couple of hours Sheri would call the apartment manager’s office only to be told that they would be coming in an hour. The last time Sheri spoke to them that afternoon, she was told they would find out what was going on and they would call her right back.

They never called back.

Sheri called back the next morning from work. She was told that the floor installers were supposed to call her. She was told that they had come out earlier that morning and they were almost done.  We specifically said that we wanted one of us to be present when the floor installers were working, but what was done was done. There was nothing we could do about it.

I got home last night shortly after 6:00 p.m. to find my front door unlocked and three men in our apartment.  These men did not appear to be employees of the apartment complex, nor was there anyone from the apartment complex accompanying them.

Two of them did not speak English.

The apartment was a horrific mess.  All of our living room furniture and been moved and stacked in the kitchen area. Sawdust was everywhere. They had power tools plugged into my electrical sockets, using the electricity I pay for. The hardwood flooring in the living room had been removed and some type of cheap looking laminate flooring had been installed in its place. I asked why they had done this and the one who seemed to be in charge told me in broken English that it would “match the hallway”. The warped hardwood flooring in the hallway had been removed and replaced with the same type of block laminate flooring that was now in the living room.

I asked how they got in. The one in charge told me someone gave him a key.

I then noticed one of the workers had gotten into my personal tools, kept in a room they had no business being in, and was using them.

The worst was that I found our two cats closed up in a bedroom without their litterbox or their food and water. I can only guess how long they had been stuck in there. When I discovered this, I told them they needed to pack up their crap and leave immediately.

The work that they did was completely hack. It looks like something a drunk 12-year-old would have done. They replaced the nice hardwood with the thin, spongy laminate crap. Because the cheap laminate is a lot thinner then the original hardwood flooring, the baseboards do not come down all the way to the floor. This is an example of their collective craftsmanship:


It was real shoddy work. I asked for the guy’s contractor’s license number. He said that he didn’t have a contractors license and that he didn’t need one. I’m sure he would have said the same thing if I asked to see his green card.

We’ve tried calling Dion Akins, the vice-president of Washco Management Corp, as well as the apartment manager. I’ve emailed both and I have so far received no reply. It never occurred to me that someone from the apartment office would just give a key to our apartment to a third-party, unlicensed contractor and allow them and their crew unsupervised access to our home.

They still have a key to our apartment. I guess.

I’m now counting the hours, days, and months until our lease is up and we can move.

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  1. Sympathies, Old Man. Anyone can call themselves a “contractor”- is the most abused term on the planet. And it sounds like your landlord is more interested in cheap than quality- typical slumlord mentality. At least those of us that do own can screen the yahoos that work on our places and have a bit more recourse, but the Legitimate Contractor that did an addition for us has an interesting side business. He makes truck racks. For all of the people who lose their “real” jobs and become contractors. And he’s making a killing.

  2. @Lee B.: I think that’s a NY thing. About not needing a contractor’s license. I remember when I was stationed at Griffiss, there was a guy in our shop that worked as a “contractor” on the side. I remember him telling me that he didn’t need a license.

    When I spoke to the person from the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, I asked if a contractor needed a license. She said anyone in Maryland doing commercial home repair needed to be licensed.

    I finally heard from the vice-president of the company that owns this apartment complex. He assures me that all of the subcontractors employed by them are licensed. That’s kinda funny, because according to the subcontractor, he didn’t have a license.

  3. You should have let them finish. If you have them leave before they are finished then the job is . . . unfinished.

    I know you are expecting the laminate to be cut absolutely flush to the baseboard. And you would be wrong. They MUST leave an expansion space as we are dealing with a wood product that will expand and contract with heat and humidity. So, it’s not that they did a hack job, it’s that they must leave an expansion space so the gap you see is normal, and that the boards are not exactly lined up is immaterial. A moulding is then placed over the wood around the edges to cover the required expansion space.

    However, you stopped them before they completed the job.

    That said, locking your cat in without its litter box and water surely wasn’t good. Their using your tools is outrageous.

    But I thought you would like to know about how laminate is installed before you get a lawyer or something about the floor and then look foolish.

  4. @Leopold: The scraps of moulding they were putting down was not large enough in some places to cover the gaps. In some places (such as the above photo) they failed to put in any molding. The above photo is from the hallway. The same hallway they were supposedly done with. When I told them to leave, they were working in the living room.

    My point is that they were unskilled, unlicensed, and had no business being in my home without my consent. I realize I’m only a renter, but I still have rights. At least I should have rights.

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