SF Signal flagged by Google as malware site [Update]

SF Signal, a popular science fiction and fantasy blog and winner of of the 2013 Hugo Award for best fanzine, has been identified by Google as a suspicious site. According to Google, visiting the site may harm your computer.

Here’s a screenshot of the Google diagnostic page.

I used to listen to the SF Signal podcast, but now mostly only visit the site to find links to cheap e-books on Amazon. I’m not sure what this malware indication is really all about, but I would imagine being named a suspicious attack page by Google negates being named the best fanzine by the World Science Fiction Convention, the organization responsible for awarding the Hugo Award. I would think that you can’t be both the best fanzine and also be something that harms computers.

Update: According to the SF Signal Twitter account, the problem has been fixed:

When I try to pull up SF Signal in my browser, a message appears on my screen from Windows telling me that I chose to open a file:


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