Ryan Flaherty signs one-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies has signed Baltimore Orioles utility infielder Ryan Flaherty to a one-year minor league deal. If the 31-year-old makes the team, and there’s no reason to believe he won’t, he will earn a guaranteed $1.9 million 2018 salary.

Ryan Flaherty’s 2017 stats (Source: Baseball-Reference)

The Orioles really screwed up with this one. They need a utility infielder. They had a player who has proven can come in and do a competent job. They had a player who wanted to be with the Orioles for 2018 and according to the Baltimore Sun, was willing to take less money to play for the Orioles. He likes them and they like him.

With that said, Ryan Flaherty will be sitting in the Philadelphia Phillies’ dugout in 2018, not the Orioles’.

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