Can you still pretend you are a male feminist when you kill a woman?

YouTube personality and male feminist Aleksandr Kolpakov (a.k.a. Russian Deadpool) is sitting in a Colorado jail cell awaiting trial for second-degree murder. Kolpakov shot girlfriend and YouTube channel co-host Heather Anable in the neck and chest, killing her.

If you’ve never heard of Russian Deadpool before now, I envy you. I’m only aware of him because he was the co-moderator of a “debate” between Carl Benjamin (a.k.a. Sargon of Akkad) and Kristi Winters. The debate was held on Kolpakov and Anable’s YouTube channel, The Skeptic Feminist.

Before you try to watch the debate, I recommend brewing a pot of strong coffee and snorting some crushed up NoDoz.

I tried to watch the debate shortly after it happened, but I found it too boring to watch. The topic was Feminism Good for the World. Kristi was debating for the affirmative. Carl was debating for the negative. My favorite part was the anime poster behind the two moderators. I don’t know a lot about formal debate, by I would think one of the first things you would want to do is get rid of decor that doesn’t have anything to do with the subject. How hard is it to take down an anime poster?

Is Aleksandr Kolpakov still a feminist?

If you’re sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial for murdering a woman, can you still call yourself a male feminist?  I don’t think so. I think killing a woman means an automatic expulsion from the male feminist club. There are many types of feminists practicing many types of feminism, but I’ve got to think a common belief all feminists share is that killing a defenseless woman is wrong.

Kolpakov still believes he’s a feminist. He’s even still using the Russian Deadpool pseudonym. He’s been corresponding with feminist YouTuber Jenny McDermott. She’s made videos about their correspondence. In the first video, she held up a letter he wrote to her, and you can see where he signed it as “Aleksandr Kolpakov AKA Russian Deadpool.”

What a dirtbag. When you shoot and kill someone, maybe you should retire the YouTube username based on a comic book character who shoots people. I imagine Marvel Comics isn’t too happy to have their intellectual property associated with someone like Aleksandr Kolpakov. This case will most likely get more publicity when he goes on trial. Evidently, Kolpakov is blaming his actions on poisoned psychedelic mushrooms, so I’m sure the case will have lots and lots of needless drama. If Aleksandr Kolpakov has any honor, he’d plead guilty and spare Heather Anable’s family the ordeal of a trial.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the trial shows up as a Dateline episode.

4 thoughts on “Can you still pretend you are a male feminist when you kill a woman?”

  1. Most facts-of-the-case observers would agree its second degree murder. An unfunny thing happens – youtube personalities can become egotistical. This can lead to longer sentences when trials seek first degree convictions. Having followed this case, I believe that is its trajectory. Aleksandr is an aggrandizing type that attorneys can pin petty lies to conviction. What-a-waste.

  2. Some uber-self righteous people feel entitled. Jim Baker, tele-evangelist might have felt one-free prostitution bust with every decade of saving-souls was reasonable. Why would logic apply over self-righteous in Aleksandr’s quest for his old life? Since when is polygomy feminism? It sure might help for allies when you gun-down one mate, you still have two in-the-waiting. His Twitter is being continued by ‘his defense team ‘ (of fellow atheist feminist allies). There are twenty other accused killers in Mesa County Colorado awaiting judgement (two of them female)? Do they have same appeal?

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