Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress

Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress

I caught some of Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress yesterday. I have to say, I was not impressed. Not with Mueller, but with Congress. This applies to both the Democrats and the Republicans.

If I had to pick a side I was the most disappointed in, it was the Democrats. I thought yesterday’s testimony was completely unnecessary. It was clear even before the pony show began Mueller was going to just stick to the report. That’s what he did. If he was going to say something that wasn’t in his report, it would signal the report was not as complete and as thorough as it should have been.

Another reason the testimony was unnecessary is that the American people already know we have a shady, unethical man in the White House. We knew that before he even took office. Even before the 2016 Presidential Election, we knew we were going to have either a shady, unethical man or a shady, unethical woman as our next president. I voted for the shady, unethical woman.

That doesn’t mean I was happy about it.

I felt sorry for Mueller

Robert Mueller looked old and even a little feeble yesterday. That’s not a slight on him. He’s earned the right to look old and feeble. He is after all 74 years old. There’s a reason the standard retirement age is 65. Yesterday’s piece of kabuki theater demonstrated why that is.

I thought it was ridiculous a 74-year-old man who dedicated his life to public service was paraded out and forced to endure six or seven hours of questioning. Most of the questions seemed to be speeches. The whole exercise made me feel embarrassed as an American.

I don’t appreciate feeling embarrassed to be an American. Donald Trump needs no help in making me feel that way. For some reason, Democrats felt the need to take some of the load off of Trump’s shoulders.

If Democrats want to get Trump out of office, they need to focus on the 2020 Presidential Election. That means treating the Democratic Primary with more respect. It’s an election, not the Woke Olympics. They need to focus on today’s issues, not busing from the 1970s.

Democrats need to concentrate on the future, not the past.

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