Richard Musgrave: an American pervert

On or around July 2, American Richard Musgrave, 51, was arrested outside Angeles City in the Philippines. Angeles City is located near where Clark Air Base used to be. I was stationed there for three years while in the Air Force. Clark Air Base is no longer an active base for the U.S. military, but unfortunately, the hundreds of bars outside the base are seemingly still there. Instead of catering to off-duty Air Force personnel, the bars now provide services to foreign men going to the Philipines for sex tourism. Men like Richard Musgrave.


The Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act is a law enacted in 2003.  It criminalizes numerous acts including sex tourism, prostitution, and pornography.

From Journal Online:

According to Senior Inspector Santifrey Lorenzo, Musgrave filmed the informant three years ago. Without her consent, he then published the videos online. Until the videos were discovered online, her family probably didn’t even know she was a sex worker. What a creep.

A Sony Handycam, three Filipinas, and some lubricants isn’t an actual website. According to GoDaddy, the domain is available for only $12.95. It doesn’t say if they also throw in t-shirts. Or lubricants.

Perverts like Richard Musgrave give Americans a bad name. They fly to the Philippines to record naked women 30 years their junior, so they can then post the videos online. That’s not why the Orville Brothers invented the airplane. That’s not why Al Gore invented the Internet. The women involved were undoubtedly poor and without privilege. Why else would they be sex workers in Angeles City?

Angeles City and the surrounding area was a very depressing place in the mid to late 1980’s. I can only imagine how bad it is now. I got myself certified in scuba and went diving every chance I could. One of the reasons for this was the Philipines had some of the best scuba diving in the world. The other reason was to get away from Clark Air Base and the surrounding area. If it wasn’t for scuba diving and the Commodore 64 club, I would have lost my mind.

I guess I always assumed the bars went out of business without U.S. service members to have as customers.  It’s sad to find out that didn’t happen.

I only went to the bars in Angeles City for the cheap beer and the air conditioning

From what I remember, San Miguel beer was quite good. But what did I know? I was 20 years old. All beer tastes good to a 20-year-old.

When I was there, the main attraction of the bars was the cheap beer (a whole case of San Miguel was $3), air conditioning, music, and bar girls dancing in bikinis on raised platforms behind the bar. Of those things, the cheap beer was the most important. The bar girls were the least important. Everything else fell somewhere in between. It would seem that’s all been turned around. The bar girls have become the most important thing and their activities now go beyond just dancing in bikinis.  I highly doubt men in their 50s get on an airplane and fly thousands of miles to go to Angeles City so they can buy cheap beer.

So what will happen to Richard Musgrave?

American pervert Richard Musgrave (photo: Instagram).

I haven’t been able to find any articles online about Musgrave’s case other than the initial arrest. One of the articles says he lives in Taiwan. From what I saw on Instagram, that appears to be the case. It looks like he’s married to a Taiwanese woman. It also looks like they have at least one daughter. She looked to be only a few years younger than some of the Filipinas Musgrave is accused of abusing.

How can a man with an Asian daughter do the things Musgrave is accused of doing to other Asian girls? I hope he’s convicted and spends time in prison.

Bad men like Richard Musgrave are the reason good men build prisons.

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