Richard C. Meyer addresses his entitled, bothered customers

Comicsgate founding father Richard C. Meyer (aka Ya Boi Zack aka Diversity & Comics) went to YouTube to address complaints from his crowdfunding backers. He described these backers as feeling “bothered.”

Richard C. Meyer

Some of his backers are bothered because Meyer is extremely late on delivering several titles. Instead of concentrating his efforts on getting those titles into the hands of his backers, he’s been launching new crowdfunded titles.  His most recent offering is Knife-Hand: Blindspot. It takes place in Meyer’s fake-G.I. Joe Jawbreakers universe. The book will copy G.I. Joe #21 Silent Interlude, written and drawn by the great Jack Hama.

Richard C. Meyer addresses his entitled, bothered customers - Bent Corner

The book was unique and groundbreaking back in 1984 because it doesn’t contain any written dialogue. Meyer’s upcoming book won’t have any written dialogue either. It sounds like it might be some of Meyer’s best writing yet.

In the video, Meyer explained why one of his books, Expendables go to Hell, is late. How late? Backers were supposed to get their books over a year ago.

Richard C. Meyer addresses his entitled, bothered customers - Bent Corner

Here are some of the complaints people left on Indiegogo:

I don’t understand the outrage some of these customers are expressing. His backers should know that any book he puts out will be mind-numbingly late. It’s what Richard C. Meyer does. Like you can’t fault water for being wet or Kim Kardashian for smelling like syphilis, you can’t fault Richard C. Meyer for delivering books late.

The backers complaining about not getting books sound entitled. Who do they think they are, demanding books they were promised over a year ago?

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