RGIII to wear street clothes for the rest of the season

Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan made the announcement on Wednesday that Robert Griffin III will finish the remaining three games of the season on the inactive list. Starting at quarterback in RGIII’s place will be fellow second-year player Kirk Cousins. Backing up Cousins will be none other than Rex Grossman, a former Super Bowl starting quarterback. He of course lost that Super Bowl, but still, he once started a Super Bowl.

RGIII is reportedly quite angry about the benching. If that’s true, now he knows how Skins fans feel who shelled out over $100 for his jersey. To say RGIII has played like a giant bucket of suck this year is an understatement. He’s thrown 12 interceptions and fumbled the ball 11 times. He’s also been sacked 24 times in the last five games. That fact alone probably has more to do with the benching than anything else.

Mike Shanahan is probably gone after this season, but pulling the plug on RGIII at this point in the season is probably the smart play. The smartest play would have been not to trade three first-round draft picks for the privilege of drafting RGIII, but that’s water under the bridge. Plus, I don’t think Shanahan had anything to do with that decision. To put that trade into context, the same draft that the Skins traded their future for the right to draft RGIII, Russell Wilson went in the third-round.

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